1000 boxes , how to market a new site

Yesterday I was contacted by Marius from 1000boxs.com (yes I know it should be spelt boxes) which is another one of those pixel ideas, but he is starting out a little differently. Marius is giving the first 100 boxes away for free, in return for a blog post. So here it is !

Once the first 100 are given away he will start charging $100 for the pleasure of having a box on the page. The overall site design is done rather well and it is visually impressive. I love the way the boxes resize once you select the pixel you want to view. Marius has been rather smart with the idea of giving the first few away, and I’m sure generating a little buzz like this can’t be bad. Whether it will be a success or not really depends on Marius and how he comes up with other innovative ideas on how to market his site. I think there is a lot of potential there, so do try and grab your free box before the offer runs out ! I do see that Smemon was smart enough to get his pixel already, but besides that most of the pixels are just for general sites like EBay or Facebook.

The creator of this site is Marius Akselsen. I am a 22 year old student from Norway.

It will be interesting to see if this takes off and will he be integrating a little bit more automation on the site. Currently you have to email him to ask for a pixel, and there doesn’t see like any option where you can resell your pixel at a future stage. If he offered this two things I think the site could have great potential.

7 thoughts on “1000 boxes , how to market a new site

  1. Interesting idea. I signed up for one myself. We’ll see how well this idea works for him.

    Speaking of misspelled boxes, your link to 100boxs.com above is misspelled.

  2. the first link to the site is incorrect… you spelt boxes correctly – which is taking readers to the wrong url.

  3. Thanks Vishal & Zybron, link updated. I was so confused after seeing that the site is at 1000boxs.com and not 1000boxes.com. It will be interesting to see how this site evolves.

  4. Hi there I’m back again! πŸ™‚ This time I need some help from you.. I hope that I’m not interrupting anything..

    anyway, I need your feedback on an evil masterplan that I’m up to. It’s about getting loads of traffic through social media sites – It’s the first post on my blog – let me know whether will it work or not

    Comments are really appreciated.. thanks a million XD

  5. I actually signed up for one of these as well! it’s a pretty novel idea, giving the first 100 away for free. great way to start a buzz. πŸ˜‰

    oh, and by the way, my box (for ericsocia.net) happens to be right next to yours =P

  6. nice to meet you neighbour, I fear that the boxs site might not bring me much traffic, so far I’ve only recorded 3 visitors from that site (and 1 was me checking the link),

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