1. Out Sick but Back now !

Sorry guys for the lack of posting here. I was sick with a severe stomach bug. I was even in the hospital over night ! Expect normal schedule to resume any time tomorrow. Thanks to those of you who sent me messages wonder was I alive or dead. UPDATE: It seems like I’ve come into […]

2. Thank you Charles Lau

I’ve have just been reviewed by the great Charles Lau, you can read what he has to say about me and he even posts a video as he goes through my site. You can see the review by visiting him here. I like the idea of a video review, as I get to see how […]

4. Improve your Blog Posts

I’ve just installed “SEO Slugs” on all of my blogs. Basically it is something that will improve your slugs, or the piece of of the URL that comes after your blog directory of the post. What SEO Slugs does is it removes unnecessary common words like “the, a, and, what, etc” and makes it that […]

5. Finding Blogging Niches

Here is a run down of using Google trends for niche researching. This tool serve as a guide to picking your niche, or at the very least researching your niche. It is very important to know how often people search for your topic. This way you should be able to maximize your online earnings. Google […]

6. AdSense for Cell Phones

I’ve justed logged into my AdSense () account today to check my stats from yesterday, and I see that they are now offering people the opportunity to display ads for people who publish websites to mobile phones. AdSense Mobile The AdSense Mobile option shows up as a New Product (sorry no screenshot as I am […]

7. Stumbling Along with StumbleUpon

Here is an article I published a while back over at www.johncow.com , I have added a few more points and tips that I have ‘stumbled on‘ since writing this article What is StumbleUpon ? StumbleUpon.com is a unique website, which allows users to jump from random website to random website. It’s great for idling […]

8. Testing BlogRush

Here is an exciting new program, called BlogRush. It reminds me of the wordpress related posts plugin, except it lists posts on other sites. And every time you show someone this list, you will get a credit to show some posts from your blog on other peoples sites. On their site they explain their referral […]

9. Female Bloggers List

I’ve just been listed #4 on a list from Enkay, called the Top 6 Female Bloggers. Personally I was surprised (and honored) that someone would consider myself worthy of being part of such list. But I guess it shows that my hard work in the last 2 months is starting to pay off and that […]

10. Friday : Video

Here is an absolutely great video from an British chocolate company, Cadbury’s. As you can see it has nothing to do with chocolate, but it is a great ad and it is something you will remember. Blog Differently Like with this video, I would encourage you all to blog differently. Mix it up a little. […]

11. RSS Explained

Below is a great video I came across today, via tom, it explains “RSS in plain english“. If you have ever wondered what people are talking about with RSS, just grab yourself a bag of popcorn and watch this 3 minutes and 44 seconds video. It shows the two ways on how to keep up […]

12. WordPress Plugin: Ads for Enemies

Here is another interesting wordpress plugin for a wordpress dev himself Donnacha O’Caoimh. This time he calls it “Friends don’t let friends see ads” , I prefer to call it “Ads for Enemies“. This one is a really interesting one for the following facts: You can choose to let Digg/Redit/Stumbleupon visitors see ads or not. […]

13. Free visitors for your site

Last week I took advantage to get some free traffic for one of my sites with Bidvertiser. Basically they will give you a voucher for $20 to play around with their system. With this you can target some ads to your site or blog and get a few free visitors. My BidVertiser Results Below is […]

15. WordPress 2.2.3 released

I am posting this, in case any of my wordpress readers haven’t come across this news story today. 2.2.3 is a security and bug-fix release for the 2.2 series. Since this is a security release, we suggest you upgrade immediately. Two of the fixes are high priority. So WordPress has released a newer version of […]

16. FeedBurner Icon : Displaying

Earlier last month I posted about not displaying my FeedBurner Icon when it was at such a low figure. The reason being that it can be a deterrent to readers to subscribe when they see that only 5 or 10 people read your blog. It’s all about the psychology behind the numbers, if they are […]

18. Offering Email Feeds

One recent thing I’ve noticed on blogs that I read is that they don’t offer or promote their email feeds. You have to remember that not everyone who visits your blog will be so technologically advanced as you, and may not have a RSS reader service that they use. For these people, FeedBurner’s Email Subscription […]

20. Win $500 competition entry

Steve McGrath who runs a Blog Directory called 1 Cool File has a great competition. And here is my post about it. 😀 If you enter you can win an amazing $500USD or 1 of the 15 Blog Buffet (valued at $11,50USD/each). But he also want people who are really serious about their blog to […]

22. Blogging Tip : Think Different

Here is a great google video I just came across on 45n5.com. Malcolm Gladwell presents some ideas and examples of thinking differently. He talks about taking a different approach to giving your customers what they want, and also explains that they might never tell you what they want. So if you have 20 minutes free […]

23. August 2007 Summary

This is a summary post of what has been happening here at PreBlogging.com. It will also serve as a way for me to track my goals an to do a bit of reporting on my earnings here. Earnings in USD TextLinkAds : $50 (two referrals) Adsense : $9.04 () Reviews : $5 Toast Fund : […]

24. Adsense Whitelist

Normally I don’t blog at the weekend, but I just saw this so I thought I would take 15 minutes to put something together … Here is something I just came across in my AdSense () account. It’s an extra tab for “allowed sites” in the AdSense Setup screen, on the far right. From reading […]

25. The Grand $4k competition

David Airey, from Ireland, is a logo designer who creates logos. He is holding an anniversary prize giveaway. He’s asked his readers to offer prizes, and so far there’s more than $4,000 worth in prizes! Find out how to enter by reading the details on David’s logo design blog. It is easy to enter and […]