1. Moola : private beta invites included

Moola is a private beta social network with a slight twist. I came across this earlier today, and I’ve had a little fun with it. Their twist is an interactive games gambling application for which the winner ‘doubles up’ against a fellow member using their introductory $0.01 buy in. So win 10 games in a […]

4. How to Develop a Blog

Many people ask me, how should you go about developing your blog ? How should you start to attract visitors and how can you keep those visitors. It’s best to look at this in stages or phases, you need to have a plan of action as how you are going to bring your blog to […]

5. Updating my about me page

Eric Socia (from EricSocia.net , why not register the .com ? it is available) has hit me with a meme, which explains a little about me. I will incorporate these answers in the blog once I get a chance to. I don’t normally take part in memes, but seeing as it is about time that […]

6. Unhappy with your blog

People often ask me what they should do if they are unhappy with their blog. After the initial burst of energy when they start a blog and tweak the style and layout, and after you get your first readers and first regular commentators, you can feel a little empty. Many bloggers even start to get […]

7. It’s nice to get Feedback

As the title suggests it’s nice to get feedback on your blog, but you have to encourage it in the first place. Such things as displaying your email address, inviting people to comment or having a contact form are such moves that you can make to get feedback. Every time someone contacts me about one […]

8. Our First Sponsor : Host Color

I am proud to announce that HostColor.com have teamed up with us for sponsorship (see their nice square banner on the side). They offer competitive prices on the hosting. For example if you have a blog on blogspot or wordpress and you want to get your own domain and hosting they can help you for […]

9. About Rich Gilchrest

Smart Rich Gilchrest, has picked up on one of my articles about how you can try to manipulate the SERPS of your your blog neighbours competitors by stealing their traffic by out ranking them. So Rich is trying to rank higher than me for the (totally useless) keywords “adsense monkeys”. Clearly he doesn’t know that […]

10. Checking your Blog Competitors

I’m always interested in new sites that offer great services, and here is one I came across the other day. It’s really great to use and it can show you rather quickly how good you are doing against your blogging competitors. The website is called SEO Digger dot COM. If you ever wanted to know how Darren or John or others, are doing in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position) then it is as easy as filling in a simple form. Using this tool is guaranteed to increase your traffic, and best of all you can sign up for it for free ! Using something like this can help raise your profile in the blogging world and effect your traffic & readership positively !

12. BlogTarts makes me angry

This morning I was googling around and I came across a site called BlogTarts, located at www.blogtarts.com (sorry no direct link for you buddy). While you think, great it has a nice catchy name for a blog, it’s the content is what I have a problem with. See they are posting the start of all […]

13. Don’t forget your RSS Readers

Recently I updated the theme a little (I am still waiting), while I love the theme and the colors, there was something I missed in the upgrade. This theme uses the <–more–> functionality, which allows me to list the first paragraph of the blog post. But WordPress in their infinite wisdom messes everything up when […]