Blogging Tip : Think Different

Here is a great google video I just came across on Malcolm Gladwell presents some ideas and examples of thinking differently. He talks about taking a different approach to giving your customers what they want, and also explains that they might never tell you what they want. So if you have 20 minutes free sit back and press play.

Learn to think differently

True you can’t learn how to think differently, but even listening to how other people have done it, might inspire you. Try to think of what way you can blog differently, and see how your readers react to your slightly different take on things.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Tip : Think Different

  1. thanks for the mention and glad you liked the video, I did too 😉

    i gave you a thank you link in the next post on my blog.


  2. I am always a fan of these types of videos, I think I will include some more of my favourites in future. Thanks for the visit mark !

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