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Normally I don’t blog at the weekend, but I just saw this so I thought I would take 15 minutes to put something together …

Here is something I just came across in my AdSense () account. It’s an extra tab for “allowed sites” in the AdSense Setup screen, on the far right. From reading the FAQ it tells us that:

What is my Allowed Sites list?
Allowed sites are sites or URLs on which AdSense publishers allow or wish to have their Google ads displayed.
We’ve added the Allowed Sites feature because we’ve learned that some AdSense publishers are concerned about potentially malicious behavior from others on the web, such as stealing their ad code and placing it on an inappropriate site. By offering this feature, we allow AdSense publishers more control over which sites or URLs can have their AdSense code.

Adsense Whitelist

So now we have the possibility to insure that our AdSense code is only running on our sites, and it’s no longer subject to being used by people who might want to get us banned from AdSense. Don’t worry if this option doesn’t show up straight away on your AdSense account, normally Google phases in new functions.

My reaction

This has been something I’ve wanted for a long time … along with knowing what sites our clicks go to. So I am glad that G are listening to their customers and also giving them the option to secure their code. I wonder are there any repercussions if someone uses my code and I don’t have the list enabled. How will Google treat the publishers in that respect ? Now I am off to fill in the list…

Also another thing on my wish list would be:

  1. The possibility to add more competitive sites, 100 simply isn’t enough
  2. To remove the limit on channels too, once again 100 isn’t enough (for me)

3 thoughts on “Adsense Whitelist

  1. I don’t have that showing up on my screen 🙁 I will give it another week and see. The idea does make sense tbh.

  2. i am just starting out with Google Adsense. i am hoping that i would earn a good deal of money on this program.

  3. I just realized I have only 100 domains allowed?? What is wrong with the guys from Google?
    They only allow me 100 domains? And what should I do with the other domains? Damn, how stupid is that?

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