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I’m always interested in new sites that offer great services, and here is one I came across the other day. It’s really great to use and it can show you rather quickly how good you are doing against your blogging competitors. The website is called SEO Digger dot COM. If you ever wanted to know how Darren or John or others, are doing in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Position) then it is as easy as filling in a simple form. Using this tool is guaranteed to increase your traffic, and best of all you can sign up for it for free ! Using something like this can help raise your profile in the blogging world and effect your traffic & readership positively !

my blog rankings

What SEO Digger does

Seo Digger displays your position on Google and on MSN for over 60 million different keywords (single and multiple keywords). It also show how popular these keywords are, and hence you can see the relative traffic you can expect from them. So now you are aware of where your competitors are getting their SERPs traffic from. It shows your the popularity from Overture and from WordTracker. Here is a screen shot show that I am infact number 1 for the search term “adsense monkeys” but sadly it’s not a phrase that is searched so often. But the phrase “affiliate payout” ranks me at number 4 and there is some expected traffic from that phrase. Here is a screenshot of this blog (

more results

Now you know where your competitors lie in respect to the SERPS, you can take actions to knock them off their positions and tap into some of their traffic. This has a great two fold effect, you gain visitors via these new phrases and your competitors loose traffic on these searches. There is a restriction on the site, probably to prevent data-mining, where you can only enter 10 queries per hour. But that should be more than enough to get some good information.

How to steal your competitors’ visitors

The title sounds like doing something like this is unethical, but it is all above board I can assure you. Getting back to the point, now you know what keywords your competitors have successfully been ranking for, you can try your hand at writing some articles using a selection of these keywords. If you are lucky and get some good inlinks, before you know it you will be climbing up the rankings for these phrases and possibly knock your ‘friend‘ off the top place. This is the kind of competitiveness you see everyday for business, they pay huge money for SEO’s to analyse where they can rank that little bit higher and encroach on their competitors organic traffic (organic traffic refers to traffic from the search engines).

Increasing your position

In basic SEO theory the top way you can rank for a certain key phrase is that you have inlinks to your articles. Linking to your topic using the title of your page, i.e. for this page it would look like “Checking your Blog Competitors”, will also increase the value that google places on articles (especially for these keywords). Search Engine Optomizers refer to the “quality of links” alot, and this refers to a number of factors like, how many other links are on that page, how old is that domain, PageRank of the site and how many other people link to that website (this is not an exhaustive list, but I’m sure you get the idea). With these things in mind you should be able to seek out some sites that are willing to link to your blog post and thus increase your rankings and be on the way to take your competitors readers !

7 thoughts on “Checking your Blog Competitors

  1. Interesting little tool. Didn’t give me anything too interesting for my OWN site vs Google Analytics, but looking up John Chow’s site vs Pro Blogger’s was interesting to say the least.

    I can’t help but think that the tool should return more than 10 keywords for John Chow’s site though…

  2. Thanks for the tip Becky! The word ‘sex’ ranks first for my blog T.T

    And nice banner you have up there =)

  3. Thanks Teo, I made the image myself, I found a free icon of the lamp, and put it all together. I should really learn how to photoshop properly. Do you get much traffic for the ‘sex’ keyword ?

    Bush : has been penalized in the SERPS. If you type in [ blogrush] he is not even on the first page !

    For people who have blogs on topics like golfing or sports this tool will be great, for those ‘make money online’ types it might not be so insightful.

  4. easily the most useful post I read all year, thank you very much. I have bookmarked this amazing tool and will be sure to utilize it to examine myself and competitors

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