Monday’s Articles : Adding Life to your Blog

Here is the second in my 4 part series, a guide to blogging ! Some more simple tips for people blogging to insure that the their readers return. The world of blogging is a simple one to get in to, but it can be a lot harder to be successful with it. Hopefully my tips will help you keep those readers you’ve managed to find already.

Include Links to your Sources

When you write a post, it is important to reference your ideas and inspiration. Your posting should be transparent, and allow the reader to check your sources if they so wish. Adding this type of creditability will lead the reader to trusting you more. There is a fine line in referencing too many or too little web pages. I would aim to keep it below 2 per paragraph on average. Spreading the “Link Love” will also encourage your readers to link to you.

Add some Colour with a Picture

It is advisable to add a picture or two to your postings. With the addition of a small image, which can be wrapped around with text on the left or right hand side, this will lead to your blog post to be easier on the readers eyes. Find some copyright and royalty free images to add to your posts. And it will add some flare and a touch of class to your blog. Remember there aren’t many news papers out there who just publish in plain text. And a (good) picture says a thousand words, so use it to up your word count.

Plant Growing

If you are able to do these things you will see your blog go from strength to strength very quickly

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