Monday’s Articles : Blogging Introduction

For the next few Mondays I will be bring you some tips about blogging written by a friend, paul savage of Most of the topics I will post will be about more basic blogging topics, hopefully you will find them interesting. Part 2 will be added next Monday. So stay tuned.

Here is the first article in the 5 part series, a guide to blogging.

First things first, post often !

One thing that is important when you have a blog is that you have dynamic content. This will encourage people to check back to your site regularly. Updating your blog once a month, really isn’t going to encourage people to check back every day. Depending on what you like to blog about (your life, sports, news, etc) , try to be at least regular in the amount of postings you have. My recommendation is to aim for at least one good post a day.

What to write ?

People always say to me, sure I would love to blog, but I don’t know what to write. It’s simple as, write what you feel passionate about, write about what you find interesting or quirky in the world today, write about interesting websites you come across. But one key point is to make sure you stick to your niche, don’t start changing the direction of your blog drastically overnight. It is important that someone who reads your postings has an idea of what to expect when they come across a new post. Sure you can evolve over time and add more sections to your blog. But I would advise that for the start you stick to a few key categories.

How to write an Interesting Post

The key here is to understand who will be reading your posts, who are you aiming to reach in your blog. Also keep in mind the subject matter, some subjects lead themselves better to being written in slang, others need to be written in cleaner English. Either way there should be a flow to your blog, and it should be consistent.

Wake UP

Don’t worry there is light at the end of the tunnel !

3 thoughts on “Monday’s Articles : Blogging Introduction

  1. I think it’s key to be able to write well, but this does create a kind of gap between bloggers who can write, and bloggers who cannot. If you can’t, then you need to make up for it with killer info, services or products.

  2. Very true angel, I think good copy is very important, but alas I am no writer 🙁 so sometimes the quality of my posts can be a little off.

  3. I have a very relaxed style of writing, but I tend to re check posts to clean it up a little, before I hit bloggers PUBLISH BUTTON

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