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Today I decided to move the blog a little, so that it should be easier to navigate. The blog is now on the root directory of the blog (rather than the old /blog/ subdirectory), and my 5 step guide will be incorporated into the site in as static pages in some way or other. Thanks to Malin @ for the idea about moving my blog down to a lower directory. I have put in 301 redirects so the previous posts and directory, so no body get’s lost !

So, give it up for the new roots !


Moving WordPress

To be honest it was all pretty easy, here is an outline of my steps

  1. I moved the files down a directory, which is easy with FTP.
  2. Then I went to the control panel at the new URL and changed the options for the wordpress URL and the Blog URL
  3. I delete the .htaccess file and make WordPress to create a new one.
  4. The 8 articles I wrote already have a few links so I added some lines to manually move them via a 301 redirect.i.e
    1. redirect 301 blog/i-follow/ (redirect this reference to here )
    2. redirect 301 /blog/
  5. Updated my reference to the feed in FeedBurner so that the RSS link worked again
  6. Posed this message !

Yes it’s easy and it was about 10 minutes work !

2 thoughts on “Blog Moved

  1. There was no need to create 301 redirects. If you just updated your permalinks (step number 9) it would have solved itself 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment Malin. I created the custom one too, as I physically moved the files, rather than in your case where you changed the reference. Also I am paranoid that I might loose what little links I’ve gotten from other nice bloggers todate !

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