Top Tip of the Day : Spelling

Sometimes I come across a great blog post, and half way through I get disappointed because I realize that the person didn’t take care with their spelling. Spelling is important in every published medium and it’s something you can take care of pretty easily.

Why Spelling is Important

Spelling Bee

Incorrect spelling really takes away from your post. It is almost a lack of professionalism or care. A simple 1 minute re-read of your post could help you look that little bit more polished. If English is not your first language, but you are writing in English, you will have to try harder to insure things like grammar and sentence structure are correct.

What I use

Currently I use the inbuilt spelling check in FireFox (). This is really handy, you can even get a British- or American-English dictionary so that things like colour/color show up properly. Some of the blogging systems even include a spell check, so you don’t have an excuse for not going back and checking your posts.

P.S. if you come across any mistakes please let me know ! Spelling is something I have to work on, as I am slightly dyslexic.

More reading

Update : Here is good and interesting link about the topic [1].

7 thoughts on “Top Tip of the Day : Spelling

  1. Hmm, I check the post 4 times before submitting it. Thank you for this nice subject, I agree you “Spelling” is important.

  2. Hi Becky,

    I agree, spelling is a very important factor of blogging. I find the more you blog, the better your spelling gets. If I’m being honest, my spelling didn’t used to be any good, but now it’s improved so much!

    I always proof read my posts a few times before submitting them.

  3. I’m naturally a good speller but Firefox’s spell checker thingy is the best thing since sliced bread.

  4. Thank you all for your comments ! Spelling might seem like such a basic thing, but because of that many people miss it.

    I love the option in FF to add words like “blogging” to the custom dictionary. Heavens knows why blogging is recognised !

  5. Spelling is important for growing readership, but I must admit I am guilty of mispelling words without any regard to trying to corret it or using a simple online dictionary. I am getting better though! I am still learning how to form complete senteces -)

  6. Hey Becks, you made a spelling mistake with your most recent post. Check it, you put cast quests instead of cash quests. Just a tip. Great blog by the way. I’m thinking review. hmm 😉

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