Monday’s Articles : Common Blogging Mistakes

Finally, here is the third in my 4 part series, a guide to blogging ! Here I will present to you the top 5 mistakes that people make when they are starting off in the world of blogging. These tips are ordered in order of most important to least important. It really is important to look what mistakes other people make and try and avoid them as much as possible. You want to blog to be a success, so just read on !

No Content

When you start to blog, it is more advisable to have some content prepared. Have 4 or 5 articles that you can add at regular intervals. And once you are blogging for a longer time and have people visiting regularly have this number at 1 or 2. These posts will give you a two fold benefit. One, before you start to publish anything you already have 5 articles that allow you to get an idea on what style/format you will use. Do go back and look at the content once again and see if you are consistent. One thing with blogging is that you may have a slow news day, having these posts up your sleeve will allow your visitors to get their expect ‘hit’ of your content.

No Sources Given

Remember you are now a journalist (of sorts) and therefore it is always appreciated by the reader when you cite a reference. This will allow them to go on and read more about your topic if they so wish. Adding references shows that you are coming from some a solid base and you have researched the topic. Don’t be afraid to link to other blogs that are related. This brings me on to my next point.

Read Related Blogs & post comments

It is quite likely that your topic of what you blog about is also covered on other blogs. Subscribe to their RSS feeds and check back often to see what others in the industry are saying. Also by leaving comments (with a link to your blog) people will see the link and may stumble on what you have to say in further.

Too Many Ads (hidden or in you face)

So many people start blogging in order to generate a quick buck. But if you start to hinder your readers experience with obtrusive popup ads or distract them with a flash banner, they may not return. Also having ads takes the focus away from your content and towards the ads. If someone clicks an ad, they have lost interest in your site and will be busy reading your advertisers content. Once you have a reader base going slowly integrate your ads and also offer to take feedback from your readers in a specific ad post.

Nothing Different

Don’t be afraid or hesitant to speak your mind. Remember that the more interesting and innovative the more like your readers will be to return. Try to present your topic of choice from your perspective and have add a little spice to what you are saying. If you are fiery and passionate in your posts then your reader is likely to find your blog more interesting.

band aid for a blog

Don’t worry you can fix your blog, you just need to apply a simple bandaid !

10 thoughts on “Monday’s Articles : Common Blogging Mistakes

  1. Amrit Hallanwrote an interesting post today!. Here’s a quick excerpt Here I will present to you the top 5 mistakes that people make when they are starting off in the world of blogging. These tips are ordered in order of most important to least important. It

  2. I am always lacking things to post on my blog, so I am stumbling at the first hurdle here, no content. I do give sources and post comments quite a bit on other blogs (as you can see). I don’t have any advertisements on my blog, what so ever! I am pleased about this. I hope my posts are innovative and interesting though. Hmm… Thanks for this post, it made me think a little.

  3. It can be difficult to find things to write about, but maybe you should think of other slightly related topics to post about too. It’s better to have a topic that you can write about easily rather than one that takes hours to produce a good post.

  4. Blogging about blogging can be quite a good topic and it normally rakes in quite a few visitors. I may start writing some more tutorials on something or other.

  5. Thanks for the info. I am the same as bull3t there, the lack of content and topics to talk about on a blog are always the hardest problems to get out of…

  6. if you are having a hard time posting , then you should thing maybe about changing direction with your blog a little….

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