Photo Montage – Tips via Animal Images

The last time I did a post like this, I had great fun, so here I am again. I’ve saved some nice pictures of animals to help me explain my tips. I hope you find it interesting !

again pets

1) Find the bloggers you like, and let yourself be surrounded by them. And ignore all the others.

blogging about pets

2) Be playful while keeping your eye on the ball. Make sure you stay on topic within a post and don’t move away from your blog’s niche.

nice pet

3) Get outside every now and again and see the world. I take the weekends off from blogging.

blogging animals

4) Every now and again have a rest from blogging. Either let your blog go in automatic mode or get some guest bloggers.

more animals

5) Being a bit of playful fun with other bloggers is okay. Poke fun, start a competition something playful to show that you are human too !

blogging about animals

6) Everyone doesn’t have to be black or white about a topic, trying things from different angles is far more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Photo Montage – Tips via Animal Images

  1. I love these posts, please keep doing them ! That first picture is a classic.

  2. glad you liked them, there will be another one coming this week, I hope.

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