BlogTarts makes me angry

This morning I was googling around and I came across a site called BlogTarts, located at (sorry no direct link for you buddy). While you think, great it has a nice catchy name for a blog, it’s the content is what I have a problem with. See they are posting the start of all my posts from They are even using my images too ! I’ve posted about these dubious trackbacks last week. So what can I do against people who think it is perfectly okay to steal my content ? Technically they are only using a little bit of my feed, so they are not infringing in my copyright, but still it annoys me when splogs try such underhanded methods to get ahead. I guess by highlighting sites like this I am giving them another thing what they want (i.e. my visitors !). I mean maybe they are hoping I would blog about them and tell people about their pathetic site.

die blogtart

I wonder what the people behind these sites think. I mean, are they just doing it to have some content on their site, or are they just using it as a way they can show their appreciation for me ? Either way it would be nice if they had actually asked me if they could use my content. I have been approached in the past about letting people use my content, and I use to all syndicated my posts. Now sadly GroundFloorSEO is no longer operating, and is infact for sale.

Another interesting site, is this one here someone (Rory ?) is using framing my content in a page on his site. Now this isn’t as bad as BlogTarts, but it is still a little strange to see someone doing this. Granted I have gotten a few visitors via the site, but I just wonder what what the hell the guy is up to. Is it something to do with the wackyness of Halloween ? Anyway, now it is time to drink my coffee and eat my blogtart !

10 thoughts on “BlogTarts makes me angry

  1. I just visit that blog..
    Rorydevlin is kind of weird.. All of your content at his table blog/…
    Hm.. I think that’s a price to become popular…

  2. why the heck did you put his full URL here. you should’ve posted only part of it. he’s just benefitting more from it!!

  3. I’ve no idea what Rory is doing, but it does seem strange. The links are nofollowed to this guys, so I don’t mind about giving the link. I blame Halloween ! 😀

  4. That is pretty shitty. I guess you could always use the google report a site tool to kill them off.

  5. I now have added some javascript to break out of the framed page that Rory did. Feel free to test it out. the code is at the bottom of my HEAD tag on the page source here if anyone wants to use it.

  6. Nothing to be alerted about. Just email whoever own that website and ask them to link to your pages from their matching pages. Because they are hiding the links to your pages or main site they are doing something very wrong, and if you have the power you could sue them for that. Anyway a “friendly” resolution is always good. And, don’t feel that’s really something bad, if he listen to you and put links to your pages without the rel=”nofollow” then you may get a good PageRank flow from them. When they get more popular means you also get more popular…. well that’s only “if” they listen to you. So goodluck! From a newbie blog Binh dot Name

  7. Thanks LGR,
    I contacted the site’s admin and they seemed to have just parked the domain. I found their details in the domain registry lookup. They didn’t respond to me though. But in the end I am happy!

  8. I think I know what they’re doing. I’ve seen few such blogs which just post random content (stolen content it seems).
    I believe they’re building these blogs just as the door sites (or how are they called?). People behind these blogs can create backlinks back to their original sites thus increasing their google standings.
    Hope it makes sense cuz I speak english poooorly 🙂

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