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Last month I entered a few blogging competitions, but I realised that there is normally no real requirement for you to leave the content of your competition entry after the competition has ended. I entered the competition from David Airey, which had over 4k in prizes, but alas I didn’t win :(. On this page there was about 35 links to other sites, which was the requirement to get the maximum entries into the competition. Having so many outgoing links can effect your PageRank (if google ever gets up off their ass and updates…). And it is possible that these people could rank higher than you for your keywords. Giving competition owners one way links, normally with a keyword of their choice, these competition entries can have a negative effect on where you register on the SERPS.

Being Smart in Competitions

Maybe this won’t get me many karma points with the nice people who run the competitions, as they normally want to see that there is some lasting effect (inlinks/RSS subscribers) after their competition is done. But, because I control my content, I am well within my rights to remove the details.

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One way competition owners could try to avoid this sneaky tactic would be to have a competition that keeps on giving. I also regularly go through my RSS reader to remove some of the feeds that I don’t typically enjoy. If more people used my tactics I think that those bloggers who run competitions may be less likely to run competitions in the future.

I was thinking of running a competition or two myself, but now that I realise that some people like myself are out there, maybe running a competition is not worth the effort.

You & Competitions

Do you remove your links and posts once a competition is done ?

13 thoughts on “Blogging Tip for Competitions

  1. That’s like asking your money back for a lotto ticket that didn’t win yesterday. Says something about someone’s personality.

  2. The fact that you can take it back makes it possible to ‘game’ the competition and shows that it is not an certain bet when someone offers a prize in good confidence that other people will work the same way.

  3. And it seems you did take it back. That’s poor form. Would you have left the link on there if you did win?

  4. I removed that one that had 35 external links on the page. I guess I could have just made all those links no follow. If I had won, I guess it would have changed my mind.

    I am just highlighting that competitions can be played. Lots of people play the system. And I am wondering if people who run contests (like you) are aware of this.

  5. I did ! Don’t worry Angel.

    I was just pointing out a flaw in the whole system. I probably should have saved a copy of my entry to the 4k competition, but I was 1/2 asleep when I deleted it.

  6. True Donald. I’m sure people do remove posts after competitions. Just it’s not that hard to track down. Especially with the effort involved. Thanks for your comment !

  7. It’s your content, and you’re welcome to do what you want with it.

    Still, I agree with John Cow that it’s kind of like asking for your money back on a lottery ticket that didn’t win.

    Thanks for entering all the same.

  8. You’re welcome David, do you think that many people remove the links to you and your sponsors of the prizes after the competition is done ??

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