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Sorry readers, I haven’t been so dedicated to blogging on in the last few weeks, I have even realised I missed some mile stones, like hitting over 100 RSS subscribers (here is a copy of the imagemore rss subscribers), SPAM comments have also hit over the 5k mark, thank God for Akismet ! I also see that the site is hovering around the 100k mark on Alexa, hopefully I can get under it before the end of the month. I have decided to rearrange how I make money online around a little. Here are some things that have kept me occupied in the last week or so:

  • I’ve started to learn Ruby on Rails . I posted about a free ebook from Sitepoint that you can download if you are interested in getting started in programming a little.
  • Also I’m learning how to write plugins for WordPress. So that means really going through the Codex they offer and reverse engineering some other peoples plugins.
  • I’ve been catching up with the reading of some of my favourite bloggers. It’s amazing how quickly Google Reader fills up with great posts to read. One post that particularily grabbed my attention was Donncha’s post about the AdSense Competitive Filter, if you haven’t read it then you should do so now (or at least after you read the end of this)! Also Angel wrote a nice piece about “You Blogging Voice” and David (aka the writing geek) has found a new home at and he even interviewed me !

2nd WordPress Plugin

The writing plugins has been great fun, and I am a few steps away from releasing my second one. If you can remember I released a rather cheeky one before, called WordPress Security Plugin, which aimed to protect your plugin folders.

So now I have a brand new one on my hands, which links in with the WordPress Codex a little bit more. That is it actually ads something into WordPress rather than just adding a file 😉 If anyone is willing to do a beta test (I have already ran it on a few blogs) for me just drop a comment and I will send it to you. The title of the plugin is called “Increased Socialability” , which works with social bookmarking sites a litte more directly. All going well I will be releasing it next week.

Changing Webhost

I’ve also been offered sponsorship for a web hosting company, and I’ve spent a little time checking out their setup and really seeing if I should move. They don’t offer CPanel or Plesk, which is what I am used to, rather they have something that they have developed themselves. All going well I will be on the new host over the weekend. They have promised me a prize for my first contest that I am going to run here.

Changing Design

I am also planning on giving the blog a bit of a face lift and making it a little more girly in style. This should also be ready once I get the plugin and the wehosting organised.

So there you go for a little update ! Now it’s time to cook me some lunch !

Dinner Blogging

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