FeedBurner Icon: To Display or Not to Display ?

Today I’ve decided to remove the FeedBurner Statistics icon (i.e. this onefeedburner stats). Now today I see that it’s still hovering around 14 , and I don’t think that it is really worth showing off. So here is my brain fart aka stream of consciousness about displaying FeedBurner Icons.

Again, What is FeedBurner

If I lost you at FeedBurner, then you should probably check this post “What is RSS and why should I use it“.

Reasons not to show stats or have RSS.

  • It can be a discouraging for new members who might think because only 14 readers subscribe then it’s not worth subscribing.
  • It can also been seen as a bragging tool, “yippee I have 100 readers checking me out, so you should too“, aka I’m great.
  • Not everyone uses RSS readers (but they should, esp. if they have many many blogs they read) so it’s not necessary.
  • You don’t want people to read your posts in a reader, rather you want them to visit you website (and click ads etc.)

Feed Burner Screen Shot

Reasons to Show

  • It shows that other people do like reading your blog, and they are more likely to do so too.
  • It’s an extra value added service. Having RSS feeds is something some users expect.
  • Ease of use for your readers. You readers can easily find out when you have a new article posted.

What will I do

I read somewhere last week about some other blogger (sorry I don’t remember who it was for a cross link :() who said they won’t display their stats until their readership reaches 100. Now I think this figure is on the high side, so I will be waiting until I hit 50-60 subscribers before I will display the stats.

Your Take on this

So what do you think about RSS, and displaying FeedBurner subscriber count, or even offering full RSS feeds ?

9 thoughts on “FeedBurner Icon: To Display or Not to Display ?

  1. You have your number up quite quickly; congrats. I think you should definitely wait out until its displayed. I know i wont show mine till its well into 3 figures If I ever do

  2. It’s funny, I thought if I displayed it it would help subscribers, but with such a low number I think it might turn people off.

  3. I can see both the pros and cons of having your feed reader stats displayed. I think until you have a steady stream of around 30-40 you should then display them.

  4. Hi Tom, my stats are growing nicely (but not fast enough). I think when they are low (<20) then people don't want to be "the only" subscribers.

  5. After I read this article I decided to remove feedburner statistics icon. Probably 13 subscribed readers is really not something to brag with..

  6. That would be an idea, I didn’t display mine until it was at 50 or so. Just hang on for a few weeks and I’m sure you will have more. You have a cool blog !

  7. it’s mindblogging feat to track the amount of data to display or not display. it’s like managing an entire kitchen. a chef can prepare the best meal and still a restaurant does not draw in the crowds and traffic because of poor marketing; yet fast foods as unhealthy as they are, gets lots of traffic. better to have wysiwyg on your weblog; people just do not have all the time to bother of the details. main thing is to keep driving traffic, not earning the mileage.

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