Free Link Friday

While this week has only been week #2 for preblogging, I think it is about time to start to link to blogs I have found very interesting in the past week or so:

  • Cash Quests ( has a great writing style, it’s direct and to the point and with that orange theme they have going on, it just jumps out at you. It is certainly one I will be check on for some tips, and once I get some income I will certainly consider getting them to give PreBlogging a once over.
  • John Cow ( has been good enough to publish one of my articles “Stumbling Along with StumbleUpon“.
  • If you have a new blog, like this one, James over at BlogCurry ( is offering to do a free review of your blog, and all he’s asking for is a back-link. He has a PR4 blog and is willing to do a review of any blog, new or old. He also has some interesting posts. His blog post can be seen [here].
  • Blog Action Day is on October 15 2007, and it’s a collective effort to get people to blog about 1 certain topic once a year. The first topic is going to be about the ‘Environment‘ and will be taking part

And what else is there left to do on a Friday afternoon, but just to put your legs up !

Put your legs up

6 thoughts on “Free Link Friday

  1. I don’t want to be a pest, but it’s John Chow…. not Cow. The site you linked to was a rip off website that was using a typo of his name for a while.

  2. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for your comment, John Cow is a parody site of sorts but still has quite a few visitors and I did a guest post this week for them. I don’t know if I would say rip off…

    Thanks again,

  3. […] links tipsHere we are at the end of week #3 for preblogging, and keeping in with the tradition from last friday, I am going to bring you news and links to interesting […]

  4. That CashQuests chick is a little too opinionated for my liking.

    I do like the idea of a link round up.


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