Free Link Friday

Here we are at the end of week #3 for preblogging, and keeping in with the tradition from last friday, I am going to bring you news and links to interesting blogs

  • has competition going on until this Sunday, where if you write a quick post and give them a link they will enter you into a draw to win $100. And seeing as I am not the richest internet guru out there I will am going to post this link. They have a pretty optimistic goal posted on their about pageWithin one year I want this blog to be turning in four figure adsense check“, so it is going to be interesting to follow their progress.
  • has an interesting series of posts about increasing your blog traffic, which is well worth reading, check them out [here].
  • is discussing about how to start a business blog here . Michael talks about how to pick and choose categories and things to keep in mind when you are organizing your layout. He even brings up the topic of blog authors.

Toast with butter

And before I go, here is a quick thank you to Simon from Ohio who sent me some toast money for helping him setup his blogger account properly !

8 thoughts on “Free Link Friday

  1. Done and done, infact I think I was the person who submitted one of the stumbles [here]. oops that was another blog, either way both were stumbled.

  2. Thanks Michael, it’s funny that we both linked to each other, it almost seems organized in some way.

  3. thank you soooo much for the link! You’ll be on my posts of interest which will be coming up hopefully in a day or so. See you around 🙂

  4. By the way, you know the competition ends September 30, right? Perhaps that’s a bit too long. i might close the competition early if it drags on.

  5. True, I actually thought it was next Sunday, but 5 weeks from now might be a little bit too long. You need to keep momentum up on it. Have you submitted it to (btw. I have a review about them tomorrow)….

  6. I don’t get the idea of these competitions, I like to get links about good articles not about a game I am playing on my site

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