Free Link Friday

So this has been a very hectic week for me here, I’ve been working on some ideas for new blogs, one sports one and one related to working abroad for some of my friends. So fingers crossed that I will be able to get them organised and launched during the next few weeks. Plus I’ve also been learning a little bit more about the WordPress Codex, so that I can do some fancy things with WordPress. It’s amazing what you can do once you know the basic codex and start to take a template apart.

Blog Competition Policy

I’ve also decided that for the time being I am not going to enter any of the great competitions that are going on around the web, as it’s another factor that will increase your signal to noise ratio on your blog (i.e. less posts about blogging and more not about blogging). I did enter an email competition on BlogCatalog, where the prize was $2.5k , but I don’t think my idea will cut it.

This doesn’t stop me planning a contest of my own, I’m still not quite sure what I can give away, hard cash or just some advertising space, but either I want to be sure it will be great and worth taking part.

Sites I’ve been reading

Sadly this week I haven’t ventured much outside my own blog. I’ve spent a few hours tweaking things so that should run that little bit smoother, plus I did an article for Bob over at John Cow dot Com (sorry buddy you have way too many links already). I do have some great people I should link to. But I think that will have to wait until Monday. A big thanks to all of you how have commented !

Toying with the Sponsorship idea

As I posted earlier today, I am looking to see if I can get some sponsors on board so that I can bring my readers (33 RSS subscribers and those who visit via MyBlogLog). But I do know that I’ve only been blogging here for that a short while, but I am at least putting it out there.

Sponsorship for blog

A Monthly Summary

I’ve planned to post some details on how I have found the first 3 or 4 weeks blogging here. And where my current stats lie, this should be ready and posted tomorrow once the final numbers are in. I am also going to try and post some goals, and track them to see how I do in September. Having goals and tracking them helps me keep focused at the task at hand.

Ending on a funny Pic

Here is a picture my friend Jake sent me, the title is “cat’s revenge

cat’s revenge

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