Good Morning PageRank

I’ve just noticed something strange here, finally my PR has come of age and now I am a grown up blogger. I am no longer just showing that white or grey bar now I am showing some realy green. Over the last few days there has been some controversy about existing bloggers getting hit for selling links or doing paid posts. These are a big no-no for Google, and they will penalize you if you do sell links. They penalize you by reducing your pagerank.

My PageRank

My homepage PageRank is showing the value of three. And my blogging guide it’s self is PR4. Some of the “new bloggers on the blog” are showing similar values, here is a quick run down of people I’ve notice:

I am trying to remember other blogs that I have on my reader that didn’t previously have PageRank. If you have any other ones for the list do post them here in the comments. So how did you do on this update ??? There are a few strange this being reported about the update, sites like is show a PR of 3. I would take these changes with a little bit of salt. I think they might be still ironing out a few bugs in this.

How to check PageRank

If you want to check your pagerank, you visit sites like or or you can which will show the pagerank value for every page you visit. I use the toolbar from google for every day use, and if I want to check more than one google site (data centre, DC, to be more exact), I use those websites.

A Happy Blogger

While I don’t worry about PR every night and day, it is still a nice thing to see that it’s finally come about for me. The best tip to increase PR as a blogger is that you concentrate on writing good material, and links will grow towards you naturally

how to be the happiest blogger

So now I am off to the cellar to find myself a nice bottle of something to celebrate this event. Have a great weekend folks !

13 thoughts on “Good Morning PageRank

  1. Google Awarded Me A PR4Google Awarded Me A PR4 ยป Wayne Liew Dot Com on You Comment, I Link YouPreBlogging on Google Awarded Me A PR4Good Morning PageRank | Start Bloggingon Google Awarded Me A PR4

  2. Thanks for the linkback. Although I always say that I don’t look Page Rank as something really important, I have some happy feelings inside me after this update.

  3. Congratulations!

    I was in the midst of writing about Dig Page Rank showing new PageRanks last night when the toolbar started updating. It was pretty exciting stuff to find that so many of us who only got started this Spring or Summer were now Page Rank 3 or better.

    Page Rank may or may not be meaningless, but either way it’s still nice to have.

  4. I checked with digpagerank dot com but it returned “PR N/A”. Does it mean my blog is still PR ZERO?

    It felt like not being invited to the biggest and most anticipated party of the year!

  5. Hm.. I get Pager Rank 3..
    But I don’t believe it coz my blog not in top 100,000 (form alexa)..
    How come my PR 3???

  6. Monika : Thanks, the wait was worth it.
    betshopboy : Have you check on other DC’s ?
    shyguy : PR and Alexa ranking are independant, Alexa works on visitors who have the toolbar installed and PR works more on links and quality of links
    nSpeaks : PR4 is great , congrats !
    Chris : You are headed in the right direction, all you have to do is keep doing what you are doing. An increase in PR shows you this, whether it’s from 2 to 4 or 1 to 2.

  7. I use another tool smartpagerank dot com and the result return as PR0! So disappointed! I don’t sell text link, or write paid reviews and don’t join link trains. Are my content that bad?

    I felt like an outcast reading blog post and comments of bloggers all over the web celebrating their PR ranking.

  8. Congrats on your new PR. I am still with 0PR just because I have not done my homework. haha. Good luck.

  9. I still have a 0 page rank in google too, well I am just new in this blogging ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe one day I will reach 4 or 5? hahaha lol like yours:)

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