Google Storage Released

Just a quick note about something from Google: Google are now offering a facility to purchase some backup storage. I would have thought that they would be offering it for free, but alas that is not the case. Still at $20/year for 6GB and $250/year for 250GB it’s a pretty good offer if you have a large number of photos or files you want to store and to have the secure.

Google Drive

Check your Quota

If you want to see how you are doing with your quota (i.e. for Gmail & PicassaWeb) you can check it by going here. You will also be able to subscribe to the service via this page.

What it means

Now there will be an easy way to backup large files, like a database dump of your blog or important files. I think this is something that I will certainly look into. As we all know it’s very important that you do regular backups, which could save a lot of hearth ache if something bad was to happen to your hosting provider or

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I came across this on blogoscoped and there is an official announcement from Google here on their blog.

3 thoughts on “Google Storage Released

  1. Hmm… $250 / year for $250 gb… I could by a pair of 250gb drives and put them in a raid 0 for the same price. And, if/when one fails, it won’t take a week of continuous downloading to get my data back.

  2. I use a NAS in RAID 5 for all my things. 5*500GB in RAID 5, cost $1400 and gives me 2TB at my finger tips, and surprisingly mobile.

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