Guest Writing : What’s it all about ?

It’s become flavor of the month here in the blogging world. Basically you ask some of your readers or neighbours in the blogging world to write some posts on your blog, and in return they can reach a few extra users.

Me & Guest Blogging

Earlier this month I wrote an article on John Cow dot com, where I discussed some things about StumbleUpon. This was posted along with 12 other articles, some of them where of very high standard indeed. Earlier today I found out that they selected me to continue on with a weekly spot ! So yeah me ! Hopefully this will help me grow my RSS subscribers (currently it’s at 33 :)).

The Good : Guest Blogging

As I’ve mentioned Guest Blogging can bring you some extra visitors, people who read your article maybe wouldn’t have found you otherwise, hence more penetration of the market. Also you will gain from a few extra back links that you can put in your posts which will help your ranking with search engines.

Guest Blogging Posts

The Bad : Guest Blogging

Some people are against Guest Blogging, on the grounds, that if you have something worth saying, then you should probably put it up on your own blog. This may very well be true, but is there a great advantage of writing something great and nobody reading it ?

The Ugly : Guest Blogging

There is also the other side of the coin where you offer your blog up to bloggers to write for you. And when I say The Ugly, I mean more that it can blow up in your face 2 ways, one you might annoy your readers by publishing articles that are of a lower standard, and two you might loose readers as they find someone who they prefer to read and will leave your blog by the wayside.

Guest Blogging Verdict

I think that when done right, guest blogging can help both parties. If you have a new blog (like my one here) you can suddenly gain alot more readers. And the few extra back links can’t hurt either. If you are the blog hoster, you are seen as maybe a bit more generous, and possibly you will have some good articles for free or cheap. My final thoughts on Guest Blogging is that, before you go down this road, you should have a think about what you want to accomplish by doing it on your blog, or partaking on other peoples blog.

5 thoughts on “Guest Writing : What’s it all about ?

  1. It’s kinda hard to be picked as a guest blogger, and blog doesn’t even have any traffic to get people to guest blog for me. Any ideas as to what I can do ?

  2. ive had a guest blog on my site twice and both time i had 0 comments left on the post and not very much activity. I’m not sure why this happened :S great post!!

  3. Thanks ABAN & Shaun, it’s always great to get more exposure, but now I have the great task of writing for yet another blog 🙂

  4. People will only guest blog for you if your site has got good traffic. If you’re new on the blog (block), forget about asking people to guest blog. Of course, there are the Bad and the Ugly points as you had mentioned in your post. Better to focus on good posts regularly, join communities, etc., and your ranking will go. One of my blogs went up to PR4 within three months of launch. I posted regularly and did all the other essential things to boost traffic, but not guest blogging.

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