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So we have a blog set up and now you need to populate it with some (interesting) posts. Here are my top three tips (read and reread) to getting your blog started successfully. I have used these tips to setup my other blogs, and I think if you follow them your blog will be a success !

Step 4) Writing a Good Blog

  1. Aim to write 50 posts:
    • That’s right, you need to write at least 50 posts your first month. That’s 2-3 posts per day, everyday for 30 days. It may seem tough, but it is absolutely necessary. The number one way that you will lose potential readers is to not update your site regularly. You need to establish readership. If you are unable to write 50 posts the first month, you may want to consider finding another topic for your blog. Adding several posts per day will help increase the amount of Stumbleupon traffic your site grabs. Your site needs to be critical mass to take off, and 50 posts in the first month is the best way to do it.
  2. Submit every article to Digg:
    • Digg.com is a great way to advertise your blog for free. Digg.com is a website where you can submit links to cool articles. Honestly, submit every article you write to digg. The quality of your posts should be capable of getting at least a few ‘diggs’ or positive votes. If so you are on the right track. And who knows, if you get a post that goes to the front page, you will have hundreds of visitors. This may be seen as a little bit of SPAM to DIGG, but rememeber that your posts should be capable of getting some positive votes and liked by some of the digg audience.
  3. StumbleUpon:
    • StumbleUpon, is a website that lets views go to a random page on the internet. And if they like it they can stumble it to let other people know it’s worth visiting. Some of my most popular posts through Stumbleupon got less than 4 votes on Digg, but still people will start to read your content. I have a wordpress plugin which will  increase your socialbooking marking site traffic.

Here is a link to PreBlogging.com‘s StumbleUpon page, you can see that some people have written reviews of my pages, while other people have just simply given me a positive vote, to say that my site is worth visiting.

And one final tip, which is perhaps the most important :

  • Be creative:
    1. It sounds simple, but can be harder than you think. Don’t be tempted to copy what other people are doing. Try to be unique & write your blog as you see things. In the long run it will be worth it !

Next Steps

So now we are writing regularly, but we need to encourage user interaction, for info check part 5.

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