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By default WordPress ( installations (and other blogging SW) insert a the “nofollow” attribute to links in comments. In all of my blogs I appreciate people taking the time to add their contributions. And one way of saying thanks is to allow the links to “follow”.

What does nofollow mean ?

In an effort to discourage SPAM posts on blogs and other feedback medium, in 2005 Google introduced a protocol. This protocol states that when a link has the rel=”nofollow” in the HTML, that google should not count this link as a vote or a trusted link for this website.

What does it mean for bloggers

It means that you will be encouraging people to post, and in turn will get more posts. Simple as that ! For WordPress blogs you can install this plugin. It gives visitors a little thank you for putting their post on your site.

What does it mean for Commenters

When commenters know that they can get a valuable link back to their website, simply by adding a comment. They see that you the blogger welcomes their thoughts. It

Promote Comments

I would advise anyone, who has decided to allow links to “follow” that they show an image like below and they make it known on their blog.

Image from Randa Clay

What about Spammers

Of course you are still likely to get spammers, and I would advise you to check all the links that commenter’s post. If you find they are going to none trusted domains, simply edit out the URL in the comment.

EDIT: currently this plugin is not active here due to a conflict with another plugin.

24 thoughts on “You Comment , I Follow

  1. this is a very good way to promote more comments. I have been thinking of doing this with my blog as well.

  2. U-Comment, I-Follow may not work for every blog, but I think people in this industry will understand the importance of links and the link love !

    Thanks for your comment Shaun !

  3. This is the best thing someone can do on their blog. You’ll be amazed at how start commenting all of a sudden lol

  4. I’m a believer in removing ‘nofollow’ from links on blogs. I was disapointed when I realised WordPress had it set like that by default.

    Anyway, I soon fixed that and luckily Akismet has protected me from (goes to check) !!! 19,778 spam comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That is a pretty high figure Zigire. How long was that over ?

    Dee : I like your blog, thanks for stopping by.

    Anyway it’s kida obvious when someone is only replying just to get a link.

  6. A bit of a double-sided sword.
    If your blog is big enough, manually pruning spam comments is not an option. A default ‘nofollow’ on the other hand is stupid, too, since comments in general can and should be a valuable source for search engines.
    That ‘u comment – I follow’ sign is a bit tricky, too. Posting it seems like an invitation to spam, not posting it might actually discourage comments. Honestly, I don’t know what’s better.

  7. True Michael, I guess for this blog which is new, it can’t hurt. But I think I will reserve the right to remove the follow links protocol at a later stage.

  8. Adding nofollow to comments? Now there’s an idea. It was so annoying when Wikipedia went and nofollowed everything external on their site.

    I’ll give it a try myself.

  9. WordPress has nofollow by default on comments already. Funny you list on your webpage that you are into SEO though… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. I’ll check back soon…thinking of including this feature in my blog, but am a bit concerned about what the results will be. Good luck!

  11. Hi Beck,

    I am also thinking of encouraging comments by making this move, but at the same time, I am concern about too much spam comments which drops the quality of the blog content. What has your experience being like so far?

  12. hi,

    I must admit I’ve found it only positive, and using the sign on the RHS to publicise it helps too. Any spam comments I find will be deleted, legitimate comments with spammy urls will have their URLs mangled. This is where I will add a few underscores instead of dots, i.e. http://www_johnchow_com/ which allows people to see the comment, but the link won’t get any nice PR link juice.

    Thanks for the stumble Laurence !

  13. I love the You Follow I comments idea.

    I have always been thinking how can I attract my users to comment on my blog and this is the right way to atract them.

  14. I think this is a great idea. I use a commentluv plug in by FiddyP that shows comments that links to that person’s last blog post.

  15. I always find comments interesting unless they are gobblygook automatics. They always add to the interest of the discussion and can always be edited out of off topic.

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