Is Text-Link-Ads any good ?

Text-Link-Ads have been a discussion topic for many bloggers and website owners for the last year or so. So what does this company do and how can it help you ? Read, and find out !

Guide How Text Link Ads works

  • As a publisher, you allow someone to pay you for a link on your website to theirs. They choose the link text and the URL. And that’s it.
  • As an advertiser, you will be presented with literally thousands of pages where you can buy quality links (high PR/traffic/good alexa rank).

Putting the ads on your site is really easy, and it can work seamlessly with your blog. Here is an example what they look like in the sidebar.

what text link ads looks like

How to make more money with TLA

Text Link Ads will generate money alongside revenue from AdSense or other ad programs. And it is fully with the Terms of Service. The ads integrate with your existing website or blog.

Pros of Text-Link-Ads

  • Make money for doing nothing.
  • They run alongside AdSense and other advertisers.
  • They pay monthly via paypal with no minimum ammount.

Text-Link-Ads : Verdict

I’ve been using Text-Link-Ads on some sites, and make over $200 per month with it. You will be able to tap into revenue you otherwise wouldn’t have. Here is a screen shot of my August earnings:

payment for text link ads

Final Word on Text-Link-Ads

Having an account for Text-Link-Ads is free, and will help you make some money. If you want to get some inlinks and have a budget, you should check them out too. It will allow your site to rank higher on the search engines for the phrases you search.

text link ads screen shot

Text-Link-Ads : Signup

So, if after reading you think you want to use Text-Link-Ads , you can sign up [here] and you will get a $100 voucher to try it out ๐Ÿ˜€

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