Keep Testing & Having Fun

With a blog it’s necessary that you enjoy writing new posts and trying new things. Otherwise why do it. For me it’s the lure of making some money (granted I don’t make any on this right now) and the way you get to interact with people. So how do you make it fun ? Read on !

Trying a New angle

People will read your blog if you have a different take on things. Of course it’s necessary to be honest and present an opinion that actually has some mean, it’s about not being afraid to say something. There are plenty of people who look at things straight on, why not try and see it from another perspective and then discuss your thought. You need to have something that will separate you from the crowd. Something that will bring people back, something that will make them subscribe to your blog. And that thing, well it’s easy, it’s you !

Blogging should be Fun

Writing about a topic you love doesn’t feel like work. It’s something that should flow (i.e. verbal diarrhoea of sorts ;)). So how do you have fun ? Well you can either poke some fun at other people or at yourself. Or you could try something new and different. It could be something as posting every entry from your bathroom, but do need that something that will separate you from the other millions of bloggers.

Keep Testing

When I say testing, I mean that you should be testing out new ideas with your blog. If you have an idea, run for it, put your whole heart behind it and you will come up with the bucks in the end.

My earnings

Practice what you Preach

Do I take my own advice ? Of course I do ! Today I messed around with some google adwords () on (John Cow was here 08.09.2007), which are pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of things, he gets some cash or moola as he would call it and I get some extra exposure by coming across as this crazy possessed blogger (P.S. John why don’t you return my calls)! Here is a screenshot from my AdWords account today …

John Cow Ad

I will report on the return on the investment next week….

8 thoughts on “Keep Testing & Having Fun

  1. Interesting test, I cant help but think it would have been better on a different A-list blogger?

    Looking forward to the results

  2. Well we’ll see what comes of this Glen. I remember I got some birthday wishes once via AdWords, it was the most imaginative birthday card I ever got !

  3. Haha those ads are clever! I subscribed to your blog to keep up with the results. Good luck!

  4. I came to this site through John Cow’s site and he even wrote about a post of your new strategy (which a few others are also using). With the ads and the post I think you will see a nice return on the investment.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. As I say in my post, it’s all about having fun (and maybe earning some money along the way too).

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