Latest PR Update

This morning I was surprised to see that some of my sites now have PageRank (google’s ranking system) on newer pages, but none of my new domains (live since April 07) are really showing and PR on them. I’m not really 100% if the export is totally finished yet but I am surprised that one or two sites with quite a few links are still showing up with a Page Rank of 0. So fingers crossed here.

PageRank Export

One funny thing about the Page Rank algorithm is that it is constantly being updated. The value you see on your toolbar or on some pagerank checking sites is more of a snapshot. This also shows that you should not worry really about when Google are going to flick the switch and export the values. Rather you should focus on your content and let links grow to your site and increase your pagerank naturally.

PageRank Analysis

So how did your sites do ? Any surprises or shocks ? I’m a bit annoyed one of my sites dropped from a PR5 to a PR4, and I am still watching for others.

15 thoughts on “Latest PR Update

  1. I lost pageranks in SIX of my blogs. Three of them justified ‘cos I do write a lot of paid posts but the other three, well, it is just blek.

  2. I’ve been doing a little research on this and it seems that they’re handing out PR penalties to sites that sell links. Maybe it’s not a real update but more an effort to reduce PR for offenders. Appears to be only TBPR though. No changes in SERPs. (Thank GOD)

  3. I think I am just going to concentrate on content totally and forget about PR (unless trying to sell ads) but trying to get links is just too hard and not a great return on investments. We’ve already seen how G has shut out the directories earlier this year.

  4. You said your new sites has page rank 0, aren’t all new sites started off with 0? I mean 0 is the lowest range so when a site is new, they started off with 0.

  5. There is a ranking below PR0, it’s titled unranked or referred to as gray bar on some internet forums.
    For an example check the PR of my homepage on google toolbar and it will show 0, if you check the PR of this page, it will say unranked and the bar will be gray.

  6. PR increase may be useful (especially if you’re selling text links) but what’s more interesting is to rank first for one’s keywords. It’s much more rewarding to my viewpoint than an average PR (unfortunately under a PR 5 there would be no point in showing off 🙁 )

  7. What’s your thoughts on people being penalized for selling links on their site? Do you feel that this is true? I haven’t seen any of my non-monetized sites drop in rank at all…while across the board it seems that those sites who are advertising are paying dearly.

  8. Hi Rob,

    I think that google has in effect bitch slapped people with a penalty. But I think that if you take measures to remove the paid links (or hide them better) then you should be okay when they update again.

    We are still waiting on a proper full update, i.e. for new sites.

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