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Yesterday Linkworth announced that they have released a new plugin to integrate blog ads in WordPress (blog post). Here is some details on how to find the code in the admin panel:

To find the WP Plugin, login to your account and make sure you are in the PARTNERS navigation (if Combo Account), go to MY SITES > PUBLISH > select LINKADS > select WEBSITE > select WordPress Plugin > then download the file. Each website listed should have it’s own unique plugin to function properly. Follow the steps above and you will be sure to get the correct plugin installed.

about linkworth a review

Some of the features I am really happy about are :

  1. Ability to ad LinkWords to your blog with the click of a box
  2. Being able to display all products currently published
  3. Notification of future plugin updates from Linkworth

Advantages of Linkworth

Linkworth is a similar program to, but they offer a lot more types of advertising for your website. With them you can advertise on your blog/forum/static pages. Here are a few points why Linkworth is better than TLA:

  • Linkworth to allow you to set the prices of the individual ads easier than with TLA
  • Linkworth offer a 70/30 split as opposed to a 50/50 split of ad revenue.
  • Linkworth offer both straight link placements and rotating ads

The only disadvantage of Linkworth is that it can take a about 15 minutes to set up an account, as there are so many questions and variables that they ask. But once you are setup it takes minimal maintaince. All you have to do is approve ads ! I have made more money with them than I have with TLA, so the 15 minutes spent to make an account was well worth it.

making money with linkworth

Linkworth for Webmasters

Linkworth offer an affiliate program. They will pay USD$50.00 for each new account that goes through your affiliate link. The USD$50.00 will be a pending payment which is payable once the referring account has spent or earned a minimum of $100. Seeing as I earned over $160 in my first month alone, I’m sure that the person who referred me is a happy bunny !

EDIT : I also forgot you will get a 5% commission for life on all sales that come from that referrer ! So what are you waiting for ?!

make money with linkworth

2 thoughts on “LinkWorth & WordPress

  1. Selling links on my sidebar is an activity that I will stay away from. I know PR is not everything but it will be disappointing to lose it.

  2. Selling links is a touchy subject, but there are many people out there who do. I think that LinkWorth has a lower threshold for approving sites and you can make money a little quicker than TLA.

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