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I’ve noticed today that my profile says that I have been a member of for almost 8 years. And I am wondering if anyone out there can beat this (click on image for proof):

Myblog log age

I’ve even been a member longer that the guys who founded MyBlogLog i.e. Eric Marcoullier & Todd Sampson so how great does this make me ? They only joined in May 2006. But not me, I was there from the very start, even before the developers came along. I was more of a muse for the whole project, so to say.

It’s better to be first

Being “the original MyBlogLog member” is something that I am very proud of. It’s always good to be the first to adopt new technology, as you can maximize your benefit from it. I’ve made alot of great contacts via MyBlogLog, in fact I was interviewed by someone recently about it. I don’t know if I will appear in the article or not, but fingers crossed for me.

MyBlogLog & You

So how long have you been using ? Can anyone beat my profile ?

7 thoughts on “MyBlogLog longest Member

  1. That’s awesome! Not sure how you got to be a member even before the site was built but I’m not going to mess with it.

  2. Thanks for your comment Ian, I don’t know what happened, but I am still proud of being the longest active member of the site 😀

  3. Wow!! Has MyBlogLog really been around that long? I just joined recently… as I didn’t know about it until this month…

  4. I’ll gladly accept the position ! I wonder what my first decree should be….

    Thanks for your comment seoz87 !

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