Monday’s Articles : Nurturing Your Blog

Thanks for waiting, here is the fourth and final part in my 4 part series, a guide to blogging ! Here I will list some of the mistakes good blogs make. When I say a good blog, I mean, it has everything that is necessary to make it a success (nice design, well written content, etc ) but it fails in one important part of the execution. With these 3 top tips , you soon will be seeing visitors return to your blog, and who knows, they might even start to link to your blog on their blogroll.

Caring about Comments

Allowing comments and nurturing comments, is something that can easily be done and will give you many times the return back. First of all, on your blog, you should enable comments on your posts. Getting feedback and hearing what your visitors want to read is invaluable. This first step is pretty easy, but the second one takes a bit more time. When you have new comment, it is important to acknowledge it, either reply and thank them for taking the time to comment, or send them a personal email asking them if there is any topics you should write about. Building up a relationship with your readers will make sure that they will return and possibly spread the word about your new blog. So treat every comment as sacred.

Easy Access to Read

It may sound like a simple message, but people should not be hindered too much by trying to read your blog post. Try and keep it short and to the point. Veering off topic will only serve to annoy your readers. Also offer them an easily seen link to your RSS feed. I would recommend to use to syndicate your RSS feed, as it offers extra add-ons like an email notification to your readers when you have written a new post.

Find Friends in Similar Areas

It is important to get the word out to readers about your blog. And one of the ways you can do this is by leaving comments in other relevant blogs, and add your site in the applicable profile field. Most cases, authors won’t mind having a link to your site as long your comments on their blog are constructive. Here you are targeting two sets of people, one is other blog authors who are likely to check out your blog and maybe mention you in a post, and two reach new blog readers, who are already by their nature interested in the topic you post about, and they are likely go and visit your website too.

As always, your comments are welcome here, so if you have something to say please do ! 😉

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These tips should unlock alot of potential in your blog !

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