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One of the great things about blogging, is the fact that you can make money from it. One of the programs I use and love is payperpost. Here is my quick and simple guide to show you how I earned over $700 in 5 months with them. payperpost links bloggers with advertisers and they earn money for reviewing websites and products. Writing these reviews is straight forward and there are plenty of opportunities to earn. The last time I talked about PayPerPost Rules so if you are interested in that do check it out too.

PayPerPost Opportunities

some offers from payperpost

Here is a screenshot of some of the currently open opportunities on PayPerPost. And as you can easily see you can make some easy money from blogging about products from these advertisers. Just think about selling a single post on your blog for $235 !! At the top of the image you can see there are 208 opportunities currently on offer, so you are sure to find something that you can blog about.

All you have to do is visit these peoples sites and then make a post about what you thought of their service.

PayPerPost does require you to disclose that a post is a sponsored one, see payperpost rules for more info on what you can and cannot do.

I have been using PPP since the start of the year and I’ve found it a nice way to make some extra money from your blog. Remember that when trying to monetize your blog, you should try to diversify. Try not to depend overly on one stream of income.

My PayPerPost

I joined PayPerPost in January 2007, and to date I’ve made over $700 with them. I’ve just written 16 post, so it works out that I get $40 per post I do. These posts are pretty basic, and the average length is about 100-150 words per post, which takes about 10-30 minutes to write. PayPerPost payout 30 days after you write a post via PayPal.

my payperpost earnings

Even if you don’t want to pursue PayPerPost, you can make a quick $20 by writing a post about them. All you have to make sure is that your blog is over 3 months old.

Signup Bonus

Right now PayPerPost are offering bloggers a $20 signing up bonus. All you need to do is write a review about you reasons for trying out their service. I recommend that you at least check them out … Join Pay Per Post !

24 thoughts on “PayPerPost Guide

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  2. Wow! You can make that much in each post for PayPerPost… I think I have to write better posts for them to get more credits and a better income! 🙂

  3. $235 for one posting is friggen awesome ! I wish my blog was that highly rated.

    If only the promised PR update would ever come.

  4. I had a bad experience on my first so called sponsored post with them. I chose to write about PPP for my first sponsored post. I admit I broke one of their ToS, but to wait for three weeks before telling me that they will not be able to pay me because I broke one of their terms of service is uncalled for. Why three weeks? If I had known, I would have taken down that post right then and there rather than giving them a free three weeks worth of advertisement.

    I’ve no problem with other pay per post sites, and they gave me prompt answer whether to accept or not my reviews. Gee, my first experience and I face this kind of treatment.

    Their links are still up on my blog and I know I shall try and take any open opportunities available, but not now. I’m still shaking. Maybe later.

  5. I had a similar strange experience with PPP. They rejected a post once, I went back and fixed what they wanted. They rejected a second time claiming I had back to back sponsored posts. The posts they mentioned had nothing to do with PayPerPost. They said there was no possibility to re-submit either. Very strange.

  6. I have an account already and will try to submit it after 2 months. My blog is still a month old. 🙂 Will they allow blogs with only about 100 page impressions a day to their program?

  7. hello Preblogging,
    How to install PPP tools at wordpress?
    They asked me to install before
    but where? at header or at css?


  8. Lankapo : you don’t need to install anything. You need to apply and then write a post about the topic you applied for. Sometimes you will need to insert a certain image code or a link to the advertiser aswell. But that is all !

    Happy Posting

  9. ok thanks man,
    PPP just approved 3 out of 4 of my posts.
    the rejected post is because the advertiser want a unique domain name?

    anyone can explain to me? thanks

  10. Hi Becky and Happy New Year. I’ve read about Pay Per Post before but never really looked into it. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  11. Hello dear, very informative contents here and I loved to keep coming back here to see what is your new post. Take care and have a wonderful day!
    one time also, my other post was rejected as PPP said that I need to put the sponsored tag and I did and they approved it:) that was worth 20 bucks:)
    wow, nice, I wanted to grab some opps the same as you do:)

  12. hi,
    its me again
    how to get usd 235 worth of post
    as we all know, Google has slapped us by 0 PR

    any tips ? 🙂

  13. I got the $235 post from a PR6 blog that I bought on SitePoint (I think). I made about $2400 from the paid blog posts before it was axed by Google and then cut down to PR2.

    btw. Iankapo your comment was marked as SPAM by Akismet.

  14. oo, that’s why. We have to high PR rite to get high PPP. So there is no way I can get that amount with PR 0 🙂

    by the way how much is it for PR 6 blog?
    caught by akismet, heheh my comment is genuine rite

  15. You can submit as many blogs as you want Anang, I think they might want you to have 10 approved posts before they will allow you to add another blog. That’s what I had to do last year.


  16. hello. i have this problem with my PPP account. I only got one opp, then i havn’t grab other opp. Other members are so prompt in grabing opp. are there any tips you can give me? thanks.

    I am only PR0.


  17. hi….for of all thanks for ur ideas….i just want to the name of the website for which you got $235 in opportunities page…or else please put a bigger screen shot..
    bye…take care….

  18. What about submitting a blog which already has taken a scheme of pay-per-click .Can he submit his blog in your site.

  19. Wow, if only my PPP account could get such high offers. Right now I consider a $5 offer high. What do you recommend for getting offers traffic, SERPS, site appeal?

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