Paying for Visitors with AdWords & YPN

For those of you who are thinking of starting to market your blogs a little bit more, I would recommend that you check out these two interesting offers.

AdWords Startup Voucher

using adwords for your blog

If you have never used Google AdWords, you can and then apply for the voucher and get $50 towards your first campaign.

Yahoo! Publisher Network Voucher

Yahoo Ads for blogs

Sign up and deposit $5 and you will get an extra $100 in your account to advertise your blog.

I better not get a cease and desist for using these logos, like Frank Fuchs did !

Hopefully these will result in a nice pay return for you in the future. Hmmm , Payday !

pay day coming

3 thoughts on “Paying for Visitors with AdWords & YPN

  1. well it’s nice to have some extra money to play around with your campaigns and learn how to use the system. YPN is worth checking out, I’ve been using it for one of my clients recently.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Maybe this will help me get my blog off the ground and finally have more than 10 RSS readers lol ! Thanks becky

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