Photo Montage – Tips via Images

Here is instalment #3 of Tips via Images, this is an idea where I bring you some tips on blogging via images I find around the place.

tips via images 1

1) Don’t be caught sleeping, read about what’s happening in your niche, consider setting up google alerts to find out the latest news. Then you won’t be surprised and caught out.

tips via images 2

2) Think outside the box and don’t be a sheep.

tips via images 3

3) If you have something to say, say it, don’t hold your tongue. A blog is a medium to express what you feel & think !

tips via images 4

4) Surprise people every now and again with something new on your blog.

tips via images 5

5) Kill the opposition with kindness, find out what blogs in your niche are successful and be nice to them. Maybe see if you can get a back link or two and maybe take some of their readers 😉

tips via images 6

6) Think of the children : Remember that anyone on the internet is likely to read your blog post. I normally try to keep the language in my posts G-rated.

tips via images 7

7) Make sure your blog looks nice, presentation and layout really add to the user experience. There are literally hundreds of great free templates out there.

tips via images 8tips via images 9

8) Remember , it’s how you present yourself to the world, so try and look good ! Which one of these looks better at drinking from the bottle ?

3 thoughts on “Photo Montage – Tips via Images

  1. Amy, I’ve sent you an email.

    Glad you like the style Shaun, sometimes it take a little bit of time to put these together and find the right images, but once it comes off it’s quite cool.

    If you would like to feature in the posts , send me a picture and a hint, and I will give you a back link next time. Email becky @ thisdomain and that will get to me.

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