Preblogging V3.0 with PR3

To celebrate the latest PR changes, I have updated the template I use here. It is based on a template from the nice guy Michael Pollock at SoloStream. It also seems fitting that I am on version 3 of the blog and my PageRank is now showing as PR3 (I do have some internal pages with PR4). Here is a quick run down as to what PreBlogging has looked like in the last 6 months:

Version 1.0

old version

Version 1.0 was just a plain website, without a blog installed in it. It had most of the content I put in my blogging guide. When I started off getting traffic to the site was difficult, and it average about 30 hits per day.

Version 2.0

new layout

With the feedback and questions I was getting from V1.0, I thought that I could add a little bit of interactivity to the site and add a blog section. It used a highly modified template, which had a basic 2 column layout. This has proved to be a great way increase my traffic, and now I get about 200 unique visitors per day.

Version 3.0

version 3 of our blog

This will help me to take things to the next level. I like the option to have a featured article which shows the latest featured article on the top left of the page. Also the advertising has been moved around a little. And I am still tweaking it as we speak. As you can see I have some spots open for advertising, links on the blogroll are only $10 and the 250px square banner is $50/month. I may offer other banners in the future but for the moment I am keep the PayPerPost spot for myself ! I still have to get a header organized, but I think that will done by the end of the week.

So if you have any feedback/comments or ideas about the redesign, do let me know !

5 thoughts on “Preblogging V3.0 with PR3

  1. Nice new simple theme. Not to say that it is a great theme but as long as the usability and readability is good, he theme is a good theme. 😉

  2. It’s a bit girly IMHO, but it is something different ! Keep up the good work.

  3. Stylish, but too uniform in colour. The previous designs were a bit more vibrant.

  4. Thanks for your comment Paul & Paul. I am still wondering a little about the colors I chose, and maybe I will change them around a little. I do find them a little more calming…

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