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Phil from Contest Blogger has asked for a quick blog review from me, I am going to give his blog a once over and let you know a little about what he does over there. This is my first review so please do drop in your feedback.

About Contest Blogger

To be honest, up until this week I had never heard about Contest Blogger dot COM. And when I looked at the front page, I wasn’t 100% sure what it was all about. Then again it is a Monday morning when I am looking at this. Contest Blogger is a blog that contains details about competitions running on other blogs. I think that this should be mentioned somewhere on the top banner, something like “Contest Blogger : A listing of the latest blog competitions“.

screen shot of contest blogger

I must say I love the 3 column layout of the blog and the bright vibrant buttons, do grab you attention and focus the eye that little bit. Examples of some buttons:

contest blogger rss buttoncontest blogger advertise buttons

All in all I think that Phil Van Treuren is on to a winning combination with this. This blog shows that contests can be a great way of getting some extra traffic to your blog, and there is even an option to get your blog on a featured list for an donation of $20 . With some of the prizes being a free iPhone and another one being $300 in cash it’s certainly worth checking into. I’d like to thank him for ordering a review and I wish him all the best with the blog.

Final Words

If you have a blog competition going on, you can’t loose anything by submitting it to Contest Blogger for a bit of FREE exposure. CHECK IT OUT !

7 thoughts on “Review : Contest Blogger dot COM

  1. That looks like a great idea. Time to see if I can find any prizes for myself to wiiiiiin !

  2. Yah it’s a cool site and the owner is totally easy to deal with too. I’d recommend it.

  3. Me? Easy to deal with? Ha . . . i need to show my fiance that comment. She would disagree.

    Thanks for the totally cool review! Awesome!

  4. Jason : this was around the “3 slices of toast with butter” mark.

    Phil (contest blogger) : you are on to a winner here, keep up the good work.

    Angel : did you submit your contest ? How are you doing for entries ?

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