Don’t forget your RSS Readers

Recently I updated the theme a little (I am still waiting), while I love the theme and the colors, there was something I missed in the upgrade. This theme uses the <–more–> functionality, which allows me to list the first paragraph of the blog post. But WordPress in their infinite wisdom messes everything up when it comes to the RSS feed. I had chosen to give my RSS readers the full contents of my blog posts, but when you start to use the more tag it also cuts off the RSS feed for your readers. I really think this is a bug in WordPress but I did find a solution to fix it, it’s called Full Text Feed, a plugin that takes care of this and makes it all good again. One of my RSS readers sent me an email this morning asking what was going on, so that Paul for bringing this up.

About RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a great way of offering your visitors a way to hear about your new blog posts. You can read more about it in my post What is RSS and Why should I use it. There is some info about subscribing to my lovely shiny feed here, hopefully you will take the chance to subscribe to my feed (once you’ve read this post).

Full or Partial Feed

There has been some debate between Full and Partial feeds . If you are offering your readers the option to have the full post send to them that they are less likely to visit your site. Less visitors to your site means less ad revenue and comments. But another way to look at it is that people will now be able to read your content and be informed when you have a new post. Some people might not have the time or the dedication to check your website every few days to read your content. If you offer a partial feed, you force your readers to come to your site and read the rest of the content. Nobody wants to have the feeling that they are forced to do anything, and I think that using this tactic will leave a bad taste in your readers mouths. If you are unlucky and don’t have a killer opening before you cut off your feed you might find that people will start to unsubscribe from your feed because they don’t think that the content is worth having in their reader.

Check your Blog

If you have a blog and you use the more tag, and you want to offer your readers a full version of your feed, then you should install the plugin. Something like this can be easily over looked !

4 thoughts on “Don’t forget your RSS Readers

  1. That´s far better now, I don´t really like partial feeds, they take so much extra time to first click and then wait for the site to load and then read the whole entry.
    Though it may cost you PageImpressions from the webmaster´s perspective, i think it delivers more value to the readers.

  2. Thanks Marco, I know that I myself would prefer FULL RSS feeds, so I think that my readers can only be happy too. I’m not too worried about page impressions to be honest.

    I just run this site as more of a dairy type of blog, and document my failures and achievements a little.

  3. Hey,

    I sent you an email, but it bounced for some reason. Not sure what happened. Bounced about three days ago.


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