What to do on Saturday

I don’t plan on posting any tips on blogging at the weekend, rather they are going to be a more personal post theme. Maybe some people won’t find these as interesting, for those people, see you on Monday 😉 !

Yipee It’s the weekend !

I love weekends for many reasons, the whole no work thing and the fact that it’s possible to meet most of my friends in person. Everyone is that little bit more relaxed on Saturday and Sunday, even in traffic ! So what am I going to do today, well I am heading to see Shamu at Seaworld !

Shamu at Seaworld

I haven’t been there since I was a little kid, so I am really excited about visiting. I remember it being a magical place when I went there as a kid for a school field trip, so hopefully the sea animals will be out basking in the sunhine today !

Where ever you are I hope you are enjoying the weekend !

5 thoughts on “What to do on Saturday

  1. I’ve just been to the town with my friend and its good to get out of the house for a while

    Beats slaving over a laptop 😉

  2. I try to make sure I get out to go climb around on the rocks up at the beach with the dog or otherwise get out and get some fresh air. But you’re right there’s something that makes the weekends that much more pleasant. Except the fact that they end…

  3. Well the weekend is forgotten about now, and it’s time to get back to work. Sea World was awesome !

    Angel : Bangkok seems far for the weekend

    Glen & ABlogaboutNothing : you are right, weekends are for being outdoors.

    Thanks for your comments ! 🙂

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