Weekend Road Trip

I don’t plan on posting any tips on blogging at the weekend, rather they are going to be a more personal post theme. Maybe some people won’t find these as interesting, for those people, see you on Monday 😉 !

Bring on the weekend

So once again it’s the weekend, and this time myself and a few friends have decided to take a little road trip. And our destination is Lake Skinner, which is about 1 hour north from me. I love jumping in the car and just getting out of the city for awhile, and visiting some place new.

road trip to Escondido

So with the windows rolled down we will be zipping along the open road. When possible we are going to take some of the minor roads and just enjoy the drive. So many people are just interested in getting from A to B as fast as possible, and sometimes I am too, but today we are going to take things easy and enjoy it a little more.

Lake Skinner here I come

I still have to do a little research about Lake Skinner, but I’m hoping it’s possible to go swimming there, so that’s the next thing on the radar this morning.

Where ever you are I hope you are enjoying the weekend !

3 thoughts on “Weekend Road Trip

  1. I’ve actually have been to Lake Skinner, me and my family rented an RV one year to go there. Thanks for the flash back

  2. nothing like weekends to get away from it all (inc. blogging !)

  3. The weekend was great , we didn’t get to park so close to the lake, but it was still fun. Next time I would like to try and bring bikes to go around the lake. Thanks for your comments guys

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