September 2007 Summary

This is a summary post of what has been happening here at in the last month. It will also serve as a way for me to track my goals an to do a bit of reporting on my earnings here.

Earnings in USD

  • TextLinkAds : $0 (zero referrals)
  • PayPerPost : $15 (1 referral)
  • Adsense : $4.14 ()
  • Reviews : $30
  • Toast Fund : $2
  • Competition : $100 (while not really something I earned, it is a source of income)

Total : $151.14

Traffic & Stats

  • PageViews / Unique Visitors : 59k/2661
  • Data Transfered : 721.71MB
  • PageRank 0 (This is still a new site)
  • Technorati Authority / Rank : 44,722 / 115
  • Alexa Ranking : 132,633
  • my technorati blog rankmy alexa blog rank

Blog Comments/Posts/SPAM

  • Posts : 28 posts
  • Comments : 166 comments
  • SPAM : 571 comment & trackbacks
  • RSS Subscribers : 69


Overall I am happy with how things are going here.  The earnings part of the site is not my main focus, I am trying to build up content, and for that reason I have removed ads on the front page. I am pleased that the RSS subscribers almost doubled (thanks to you who use RSS), and I am looking forward to hitting over 100 in October. I’ve also reached good enough figures on Alexa and on Technorati for such a young blog. And I hope to be under 100k on Alexa by the end of next month and to try and 1/2 my Technorati score. But who knows.


When I try to think of a highlight, I am having a hard time thinking of one. Maybe the 100% increase of my RSS readers would be one. Overall I am happy with the ways things are going.

Ideas for the Blog

One of the ideas I have is to put together some automatic list of female bloggers. Seeing as I was sick last week, I am a bit behind schedule with this, but I would love to have this ready by the end of the week. I’ve put some effort in to using the API from Alexa and from Technorati, so that I can grab those figures automagically.

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