Out Sick but Back now !

Sorry guys for the lack of posting here. I was sick with a severe stomach bug. I was even in the hospital over night ! Expect normal schedule to resume any time tomorrow. Thanks to those of you who sent me messages wonder was I alive or dead.

a sick blogger

UPDATE: It seems like I’ve come into a bit of extra cash too ! Thanks Angel 😀 I think that was one of my first competition entries (and it’s certainly the first one I’ve won). I am also saddened to see that Shaun had to sell his site. 🙁 I hope he does come back. So with my new found wealth I am thinking that I will put it towards an iPhone or something cool like that from Apple.

2 thoughts on “Out Sick but Back now !

  1. wow, hospital! must have been pretty serious.. bet you’re glad to get back to normality.. the most boring place to spend a night/day in is a hospital 🙂

  2. Thanks smemon. It was not too serious, just my doc was wondering what was going on. Anyway I have a clean bill of health, and a $100 bill from angel !

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