How to get Technorati to update your thumbnail

Recently I discussed how to get Alexa to update your site thumbnail but soon after I realized that Technorati had also the other version of my page. So here is a little bit about how you can get Technorati to display a new thumbnail.

Technorati Thumbnail ?

Technorati ( is a search enine of blogs if you like. It monitors activity on blogs and allows you to search hundreds of thousands of blogs on the internet. So if you go to Technorati, you can register your blog and they will check your blog (or you can tell it to visit you, called pinging) every so often. Once you have done this there will be a profile page for the blog, it has some fancy numbers on it like

  • Authority : This relates to the number of blogs that link to you. The higher the number the better.
  • Rank : This relates to how popular your blog is, and the lower the number the better.

Here is a screen shot of what my profile looks like. [link]

technorati thumbnail changed

When I signed up to Technorati I had a different layout but it was that one that was on my thumbnail. Being so perfect I wanted to update the thumbnail and get one that looked more like my blog. After a bit of searching I found out that was doing the thumbnails, and you can update it by going :

Should I sign up for Technorati ?

In a word yes, it’s easy and free to sign up and it will only take a few minutes of your time. Once you’ve created your profile and claimed your blog , you don’t really have to do anything more. Technorati rank is seen as yet another metric for how popular your blog is. They also have the ability to ping other websites, so you are in effect getting free advertising when you sign up with them.

Technorati Uses

When I am looking for material for writing new posts I check to see what is happening on Technorati. It can also be an easy way to see what sites are linking to you. It will find new blog posts that link to your site much faster than google does.

If anyone has some neat ways they use Technorati or any of it’s features, let me know.

10 thoughts on “How to get Technorati to update your thumbnail

  1. the main use of technorati is that it plays a huge role in determining your link value in programs like text link ads, payperpost etc..

    along with pagerank and alexa rank, a high technorati rank will mean you’ll have more earnings potential 🙂

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  3. You’re welcome Dame ! Thanks for taking the time to comment too !

  4. This is a great tip and an important one, if you want to maximize your site redesign. By the way, I like the site’s look.

  5. sweet! thats just like your old post about getting alexa to update your thumbnail. Great info. When i had my site re-designed technorati automatically updated my thumbnail in about 2 days but interesting post! Stumbled 🙂

  6. Thanks Shaun ! & Susan. It’s good to have these links to show off when you get a nice redesign !

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