TextLinkAds Affiliate Payout

Today I was doing my bi-weekly checks on my various accounts (I find I get addicted to checking things these days, so now I try to only check them twice a week). And to my amazement I just received a signup bonus from Text-Link-Ads.com. Granted it’s not enough to change the world, but $25 is enough to keep me happy. This was my first referral  with TLA and currently  it works out that I get a  2% conversion rate, i.e. for every 100 people who visit TLA from here,  two people sign up. If you are not with TLA yet, they I suggest you join .

Text Link Ads Affiliate

Text Link Ads pay out a flat $25.00 for any referred visitor that results in a sale or gets accepted into their publisher program. You will get paid the 1st of every month and have the option of receiving a check or being paid direct via Paypal. And they have a 60 day cookie on all referrals, so if someone uses you link and comes back you will get the credit. This is a point that shouldn’t be missed. Because not all of the people will sign up straight away, maybe they will do some research and come back in a week or two.

Text-Link-Ads : Signup

So, if after reading you think you want to use Text-Link-Ads , you can sign up [here] 😀
Edit: Here is a screen shot of my affiliate Payout for August 2007. Yes, over $200 for me, just for the month of August !

payment for text link ads

About TLA

I posted here last week about Text-Link-Ads, granted I didn’t say it would save all your problems making money, it can be a way to generate some extra cash. I’ve heard that to have TLA ads on your site you need an Alexa rating of under 100 or 200k and a PR of 4. But if you don’t qualify to display ads, you can still use their referral system.

TLA also claim 50% of your revenue, so if you get to list a page on your site and they sell the ad for you, they will take half. This the so called revenue share. But they do the selling on your behalf, and find the people who want to buy ads on your site.

Bonus : If you have a new site, and don’t already have an account you can get $100 signing voucher when you spend your first $25 with them. This is a pretty good investment as you can get some pretty good links around the $100 mark.

Screenshot of TLA

To finish off here is a screenshot of my a/c today. It great to see that my blogging hard work has paid off !

text link ads payout

Sign up now

If you are not sign up for Text Link Ads you , you should do now ! [Sign Up]

8 thoughts on “TextLinkAds Affiliate Payout

  1. I was getting a little disheartened about TLA, but now at least they are giving me some money !

    btw. people TLA have changed their format for referrals !

  2. Jass I think you will be okay , at least for the time being.

    Anyway Becky you should have another referr now as I’ve just signed up now.

    Thanks 89er

  3. TLA pays out well if you can get your visitors to convert. I expect the earnings to be down this month because of the whole google and pagerank fiasco 🙁

  4. That’s very nice, over $200. I had been promoting them for a while and wondering why I had no signups at all, so I googled around and found blogs like yours all getting paid. And few days ago, I got my first $25. So I guess it’s all good 🙂

  5. I ran the Text Link Ads affiliate program for some months… drove a lot of manual en automated traffic generator driver visitors, but i never got past $25… How do you guys manage?

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