WordPress Plugin: Comment Referrers

Here new WordPress comments plugin developed by Donncha (a wordpress dev) – that does “a small plugin that does a small but useful task“. This plugin checks and reports where people leave comments on your blog come from. It then adds a line to the end of your comment notification or moderation email with that small information. This can be useful to see if it’s an evil spammer who is sending an automated post command or someone who actually visited your site and is posted from a particular page.

wordpress comment referrer

Download Plugin

It is currently a beta release and the first version, but it’s supposed to be working already. If you are interested you can grab it [here].

In case you missed my post about another plugin, this one a bit more about security, by me, do click [here].

6 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin: Comment Referrers

  1. Hey Becky, first time here! Looked around at a couple of your posts and I’m mightily impressed! Keep up the good work and I hope to see more of you soon!

  2. Thanks for the kind words Bush ! I’m learning new stuff every day and I’m having fun sharing these.

  3. looks like a sweet plugin. i don’t think i would ever need that though. thanks for sharing keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks for the tip on the new plugin. I sometimes thing I get way too much comment spam

  5. I recently discovered this blog. I’ve had a similiar idea to your rewriting the ten commandments for some time now.

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