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Here is an interesting AdSense () advertisement I saw on my blog today. Basically it is a big call to action to get users to test to see what ads Google AdSense would publish on a give page. Google are great for testing new types of ads, and with this one I particularly think they are on a winner. Update : They are called “Google Gadget Ads“.

AdSense current Test

AdSense Test

What do you think ? I think it is a great way to get people to test out the system. I didn’t actually fill out the form as that would be in violation of the TOS.

What is AdSense

AdSense is advertisement program from Google, which can display text or image ads on publishers pages.

Why AdSense Works

AdSense is very good at linking ads with content of the page. So if I had a page about travelling to the Bahamas, it is very likely there will be ads about flights or accommodation relating to the Bahamas. This gives the publisher a higher chance of getting an ad click. And for every ad click an advertiser gets paid a certain price. The AdSense team are also very good at testing different ads, and tweaking their system.

How much AdSense Pays

Google’s AdSense ad prices work on a stock market principle. The more people want to have a key phrase to link to the ad, the more it costs. The more people bid on these phrases, the more it will cost. In the end everyone (maybe not the publishers as much) wins. You get the highest price for an ad click, the advertisers get a visitor, and Google has people using their system (which they take an undisclosed % of the cost for the ad click). Areas that have a very competitive business, i.e. lawyers or SEO websites, can pay in the high $X, and even in the low $XX for a single click.

Singup for AdSense

If you would like to try AdSense you can do so for free , see here .

3 thoughts on “Google Gadget Ads

  1. Unfortunately, AdSense will earn next to nothing for meta blogs (blogs about blogging) unless your traffic is greater than 1,000 unique visitors a day. And then in that case, it will earn you a little more than next to nothing! 😉 Your fellow bloggers will not click on your ads.

    AdSense works much better for niche blogs which are about a specific topic. A good percentage of your visitors will not be bloggers and will not have as severe a case of “ad blindness.” That AdSense testing tool that you provided a link for, Becky, is a great resource! That can help anyone decide whether or not to place ads on their blog.

    Great post!

  2. I am seeing that more and more Michael, revenue isn’t that great. Hence the “Buy me some Toast Campaign”.

    I am thinking that once I cover most topics, I will be using this site more of a way to help people start blogging. The money isn’t the real motivation here.

    Thanks for the link B. Durant.

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