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Last week I decided to play around with my AdWords account and to put some ads up on JohnCow’s site which resulted in getting a “free” back link and a bit of exposure for the blog.

adwords summary

What is AdWords ?

If you already have AdSense () on your website, then you will be aware of the ads. Ad space can be bought via AdWords () where you can either bid on keywords for websites and search phrases or you can bid to place your ads on competitors websites. 😉 Getting listed on someone’s website is very easy, but they have to be currently displaying AdSense ads. In Google AdWords, you select the text and URL you want the ads to go to and you select the website that will publish the ads. There is also an option to set the following

  • People from what country can see your ad
  • People who speak a certain language can see your ad
  • The amount of money you want to spend on the ads per day
  • The time and days of the week you want the ads to show.
  • And a few other things…

The AdWords Ads

Here are two of the ads I ran last Thursday and Friday. They were aimed to be a bit controversial and fun, and thus encouraging a higher click through ratio (CTR). It set the maximum CPM (cost per 1,000) ads to be €0.50 , the minimum was €0.20, but I wanted to be rated higher than Brian was.

Ad version

adwords ad

AdWords Results

At the end of the day I received 34 visitors , and had 1,752 ad impressions. So that’s just under 2% CTR. The total bill for this experiment was €0.53 which is about 70 cents worth.

AdWords Full Report

The full report can be download here as a pdf “adwords fun“. As I said it was a bit of fun, for under a dollar I got a bit of traffic and also helped to fund another blogger.

9 thoughts on “AdWords Fun

  1. I thought that was clever marketing. I was wondering who that was that did those ads. I think John was in wonderment as well. Good work!

  2. Thanks for stopping bye GroundFloorSEO ! What is the idea of your blog btw. I don’t really understand it?

  3. Hey Becks,

    GroundFloorSEO is a syndicated blog, meaning the content is auto-generated via blog feeds – like an online newspaper. It is meant to be a centralized collection of SEO related feeds from the top blogs and bloggers in the industry. It just makes it easy for you or anyone else to stay up to date with the feeds from the SEO world in one location.

    I know your blog is fairly new but your feed will be included soon in GroundFloorSEO syndication cause you have great content and blogging skills …. if you have any problem with that then just shoot me an email and tell me “NO”. I promise I want get offended and I still will be a daily reader of your blog 🙂

  4. I like the idea, and I feel honoured that you would include me. One thing I would like on my posts is that you would turn off the comments, so that people would comment on the source website rather than on yours.

    I’ve also noticed that you hotlink images …

  5. Hi Becky,

    I removed your blog posts as I don’t have a way to individually turn off comments and to avoid any hotlinking issues you may have – I don’t want to offend you. The blog is auto-generated via a plugin which I didn’t write or customize. I don’t do any alteration or modification to the feeds, I simply deliver them as they are – images and all – wherever the image feed links to is where our syndication pulls from. I really wish we could have kept your blog in rotation, but I definitely understand and do not wish to offend anyone. If you would like your blog back in rotation, just let me know. As a plus, we have implemented the “noindex” tag as suggested by Rand, see here:

    I hope by us using the “noindex” tag will sway you to return to our syndication. Let me know. Thanks.

  6. There is no reason why not “Baseball Board Games” (strange choice of name).

    Granted I didn’t get many ad clicks from them, but if you had the right product or affiliate deal, you could easily get users on the cheap using AdWords and advertising on the right websites.

  7. : it’s okay to include. I was just wondering. I’ve sent you an email anyway. For some reason your comments go in the SPAM section of akismet.

    Thanks for your comment, Bozdemir, glad you liked it !

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