Affiliate Marketing Guide with example SEO Book

You may not be 100% sure what affiliate marketing is, but hopefully at the end of this article you will have a good idea how things work. I will also include an example to get you started, the product costs $79 and if you refer someone to buy the product you get $25 of the sale ! But more about the product once I explain how affiliate programs work.

Affiliate Deals Basics

The idea of Affiliate Programs was first created and implemented by way back in 1996 (over 12 years ago !), and in 2000 Amazon was granted the patent (#6,029,141) on the basic idea of affiliate programs. Being an affiliate means that if you refer a customer from your website or blog to a seller, the seller will pay you an agreed amount (either a percentage of the sale or a flat fee) for introducing the customer to them. But of course there is a catch. The seller will only pay you if the person actually goes ahead and buys the product.

Often affiliate programs will leave a cookie on the potential customers computer, in case they come back with 30 or 60 days and buy the product then. If the customer you refer to the seller buys something you will still get the kickback.

Affiliate Products Difficulties

One of the hardest things you can do on the web is hold your customer/readers attention. They can be gone in a blink of an eye, by either pressing that back button and going on to another search result from google, or by just closing their browser. Getting someone to complete the sale isn’t really something you can do much about, unless you can physically change the purchasing page. Many affiliate programs allow you to do this, but not for all.

Affiliate sales pages (and many other sales pages) normally give a hard sell to the person. They probably will offer money back guarantees to encourage the person to buy it. Many sales pages will remove navigation links or non-related information to make sure that the reader goes on and purchases.

How it Affiliate deals work

The process goes something like this, a person comes to your site, either through a link or organic search, and you either have a link, product review or an advert for a particular product. Before this visitor ever visits your site you will already have an agreement (affiliate deal), with the seller, that says how much you will get paid, if you give them a customer who goes on to purchase their product. Back to the customer, s/he is on your page and reads your description or sees your ad. They click on this and it brings them to the sales page, or to a shopping page. This visitor is tracked as being referred from your site, and they are tracked right through until they purchase something. Once they do this you will get a credit in your account. Do note that many affiliate products require a minimum value in your account before they will pay you, so you will more than likely need to sell multiple items before you can get paid.

Affiliate Deal Example : SEO Book

check out the seo book

Aaron Wall from SEO has a great product, guess what it is, yes it’s a book on SEO. This is a great product, and is well respected in the industry as being the most comprehensive ebook on SEO. He has set the price of his book at $79, which is, considering the content, well worth price. And to encourage people to tell others about the book his affiliate deal offers $25.

There is an online tracking tool where you can see how many people you have referred and how many of them resulted in a sale. Potentially is means that you could get paid $25 for one click. If you compare this with the likes of Google Adsense () which can pay anything from 1cent to a few dollars per click, you will start to see the attraction to affiliate marketing. In reality you will not get a sale from every click, but if you play the numbers game, and see that between 5-10% of the people who check out your affiliate deals, you will see that it is still more lucrative than what Google offers.

Affiliate deals on your Blog

As you can see it is quite easy to have some affiliate programs on your site. These will, over time, generate some sales and money for you. On the left hand side of this page you can see the 11 affiliate deals that I currently promote. By investing a little bit of time and setting up accounts with the various sellers and putting links to them on your blog you can generate a nice passive income. Every time I mention one of these programs (whether good or bad), I throw in my affiliate link, rather than a plain link to the site. So if in the end, someone visits and buys or signs up, I win. Getting started with affiliate deals is easier than you think, seeing as most online programs offer some sort of affiliate system.

Get started with affiliate marketing

The easiest way to get started with some programs is to setup some accounts with the following programs

Once you have done that, sit back and enjoy the money 😀

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