How to get Alexa to update your thumbnail.

In the past few weeks I have updated updated this site, but still on my Alexa Traffic page and my results on Google with the GooglePreview plugin enabled I use it will be displaying the older (outdated) picture. btw. if you want to learn how to start of blogging check [here].

Out with the old

Here is what the site looked like 3 weeks ago. This was before I had the blog on here, but it did have my guide to blogging on it.

old version

In with the new

And here is what it looks like right now (for historical reason I’ll include a screenshot too).

new layout

So you can see why I wanted to have the thumbnail updated , i.e. to show off ! Plus if people use the google preview plugin they will be expecting a website to look like the picture.

How to get Alexa to update

So down to business; it is possible to tell Alexa to revisit and take a new screenshot to be used with you site. Alexa should update itself if you wait that long. But in case you can’t you need to do the following:

So there you have it !

EDIT : my page has been updated already, so it took closer to 24hours to be updated. (08-21-2007)

18 thoughts on “How to get Alexa to update your thumbnail.

  1. haha perfect, my site is in the process of getting re-designed right now so I will do this when my new site is up 🙂
    P.S just stumbled this post 🙂 hopefully you get some good traffic from that !

  2. Thanks Shaun, let’s see what happens. 🙂 The post has already got a few hits from somewhere…. must check into it now …

  3. Nice tip. How do I update the preview on google with the firefox plugin ?

  4. I would have thought Alexa being such a corporate giant that they would update every 3 months or so. I guess them fellows are just a bit lazy !

  5. I just commented on your post about getting Technorati to update your thumbnail, and it was a huge help. This was too! I never knew how to get my site’s thumbnail updated, but now thanks to you I do. 🙂

  6. I’m glad it helped you Tay. Thanks for stopping by and leave a nice comment,

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