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Last week I took advantage to get some free traffic for one of my sites with Bidvertiser. Basically they will give you a voucher for $20 to play around with their system. With this you can target some ads to your site or blog and get a few free visitors.

offer from bidvertister

My BidVertiser Results

Below is a screen shot from my campaign, I put together a small advert last week. My minimum bid for the area I was targeting was $0.75.

free traffic source bidvertiser

So, to date I have received 25 free visitors, and a few more are due to come my way. In all my advert was seen almost 9k times. Averaging 4 visitors per day doesn’t really change my stats, but free traffic is free traffic. One thing I did do was direct my traffic to my pages that was optimized for high clicks, and not to my home page. That way I was sure to get the most out of my traffic. 😉

BidVertiser Signup

If you want to try this offer, you [Click Here to Sign up].

4 thoughts on “Free visitors for your site

  1. yes they ask you for one when you are registering, but they won’t charge you unless you want to put more credit on your a/c.


  2. Wow, 75 cents per click is pretty pricey if you’ve only $20 to spend… signed up and was paying 20 cents or so per click, but of course it depends on who you’re aiming for, I suppose.

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