Blog every day

“Blogging is like exercise, do it every day to see the most progress.”

Some people ask, “how often should I blog?”, this is should probably be answered with “how long is a piece of string”. We recommend that you write something every day. You don’t have to hit publish on it, just rather you should at least flex your brain muscle and see how far you can get with writing at least some content each day.

Does it have to be new content ?

Some of the best results, SEO-wise, we’ve seen is from posts that have been kept up to date. You don’t always have to come up with new content, perhaps updating or extending an existing piece of content will have a better ROI for your time.

You should have a review cycle for all your content, looking at it again and again as you move forward will definitely help your SEO. Perhaps the new content could be linked to new posts that have been added since you wrote the piece.

We still live in a Google-SEO world where links are strong signals. So creating a web of your content and interlinking relevant content will make sure that the search engines have more signals to work on.

Updating your content regularly means that old broken links can also be removed. Also don’t forget to check for spelling mistakes ! One of our previous clients had a high number of spelling mistakes on their site, we did a review which fixed the mistakes while also increasing the level of English used. The net result was when it was reindexed it started to rank for more and more keywords, and the page converted at a higher rate. We suspected that the bad spelling mean that both search engines and customers lacked faith in the business / product.

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