1. Quick Link Round Up

It’s not always possible to write the best articles out there, so here are a few links that I have gathered and though they are more than worth of a mention on here gavin talks about “is too much advertising killing your website“ john provides a list for “discounts on domain names“ chris talks about […]

2. WordPress 2.4 Preview

Here is a great first look at what we can expect on WordPress 2.4 The video is from the guys at Tubetorial there stuff is well worth a visit every now and again. It’s not only tutorials about wordpress, rather ones about HTML and Yahoo Pipes too. About WordPress 2.4 I’m really looking forward to […]

3. Dubious Link Selling Requests

In the last two weeks I’ve gotten a spate of similarly worded emails asking me about selling links on some of my blogs. I don’t know what is happening to the market, but this is the second strange email chain I’ve been getting. This new one goes something like this, invariably they contact me through […]

5. GoogleTime / MadeForAdCents copied ?

Here are two sites I recently came across : madeforadcents.com and www.googletime.info , the latter one, was called an exclusive by our friend Bob over at JohnCow.com . These sites both sell a useless (in my mind) program where you can get 85 AdSense ready websites, that all have a slightly custom design, and some […]

6. Can you Trust DealDotCom

Every now and again I look at www.DealDotCom.com to see what they have on offer, but so far I have not gone through with a purchase. This post is about one that showed up on the 10th of January this year. Basically it was some sort of AdSense booster, named “Ad Boost Wizard“. As far […]

7. AdSense Referral Washout

Last week I mentioned that Google were pulling the AdSense referrals for those people who are from countries outside the Americas (North & South) and Japan. All the publishers who use the system outside these countries will need to remember to remove the relevant AdSense codes from their blogs before the end of January. One […]

8. PageRank 4 celebration

Well I’ve just noticed that I am showing up as having a nice green bar with a PageRank of 4. And to celebrate this Sunday, I am going to use my power to generate some cash. If you would like to be on my blog roll for a month just paypal me $10 and I […]

12. PageRank is Back !

Before Christmas I mentioned that I seemed to be hit with a PageRank penalty, where all my pages were showing PR 0/10. This is not to be confused with PR N/A, which just means that it is not assigned yet, this would be due to google not exporting their PageRank (which they tend to do […]

14. So much for having a Competition

Earlier this month I offered a competition which had two prizes of hosting and a domain for a year. Sadly there was only two winners, but I won’t let that take away from the competition. In fact having just two entries means that I don’t have to worry when people think that I was unfair […]

15. The Quality of Entrecard traffic

I’ve been looking at my EntreCard.com traffic that I’ve been getting over the past week. EntreCard is a system, which is likened to a business card exchange. Basically you get points when you leave your card at a site and you also get points when you display the other peoples cards on your site. You […]